A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space

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A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space
Buzz Lightyear Quest
Buzz Lightyear.png
Quest Information
Categories: Realm Quest

Reward From: Buzz Lightyear.png Buzz Lightyear
Prerequisites: Toy Story.png Toy Story Realm

A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space is a Toy Story Realm Quest available from Buzz Lightyear. It's available after opening the realm door to the Toy Story Realm in the Dream Castle. It unlocks Buzz Lightyear.

Quest Text

You enter a strange new world where everything little is large. Are there any signs of intelligent life here?

You meet Buzz Lightyear, stranded on this strange world. But Buzz's fuel cells are dying, causing all his features to go on the fritz. You'll need to replace them to talk to him.

Once Buzz's batteries are restored, you discover there's an even bigger problem: Woody the sheriff has been knocked out the window! You'll need to execute a daring rescue mission to save him.

Once Woody is rescued, you discover that he and Buzz were working on a special project for Bonnie.

To recreate Bonnie's farm exactly how she imaged it, you'll need some materials from the Village. You volunteer to set up a command center so Buzz can do some recon in Dreamlight Valley.

You've brought Buzz to the Village to look for materials... but maybe now that he's seen the place and his memories have started to come back, he'll decide to stay here a little longer.


  • Talk to Woody near the window.
  • Talk to Buzz
  • Search the room and take pictures of Bonnie's Drawings on colored construction paper with gold stars on them (4)
  • Report back to Buzz
  • Place Buzz's RV in Dreamlight Valley
  • Use the Scrooge McDuck sign to pay for the construction of Buzz's RV
  • Use the Scrooge McDuck sign to pay for the construction of Buzz's RV
  • Talk to Buzz in the Village