An Important Night at the Restaurant

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An Important Night at the Restaurant
Remy Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Quests.png Realm Quest Dream Castle.png
Prerequisites: Unlock Ratatouille (Universe).png Ratatouille Realm
Rewards: Unlock Remy.png Remy

An Important Night at the Restaurant is a Realm Quest available from the Ratatouille Realm. It's available after unlocking the realm door inside the Dream Castle. After completion of this quest Remy will move to the Valley.

Quest Text

A new Realm has opened. It's time to meet a little chef with a great love for cooking.

You meet Remy, a little chef in dire need of some help with his restaurant. You decide to help him by washing the dirty dishes.

Before allowing you to cook for his restaurant guests, Remy tests your cooking skills in a series of challenges.

You're now ready to serve real food to real patrons, and the orders keep coming.

Remy has been so impressed by your skills that he lets you cook for the critic that came to his restaurant.

To build a House fit for a tiny chef, you need to pay Scrooge Construction.

After securing the future of his restaurant and making sure he has a place to live, Remy joins you in the Village.


  • Bring the appetizer you cooked to Remy.
  • Find the Cookbook in Remy's Kitchen.
  • Bring the main course you created to Remy.
  • Prepare a Banana Pie.png Banana Pie using ingredients from Remy's kitchen.
  • OR Prepare a Apple Pie.png Apple Pie using ingredients from Remy's kitchen.
  • Present Remy with your version of the dessert.
  • Order up! Cook 1 Ranch Salad.png Ranch Salad and place it on the Serving Hatch.
  • Remy wants to talk to you. Go see him.
  • Prepare and serve the food critic an order of Ratatouille.png Ratatouille.
  • Talk to Remy.
  • Place Remy's House in the Village.
  • Remy needs a real pied-à-terre.
  • Time to welcome Remy in the Village.
  • Talk with Remy to learn about his first impressions of the Village.

Puzzle Solutions

This quest requires cooking a few different recipes - the ingredients for which are all available inside the realm kitchen.

Image Name Description Stars Ingredients
Grilled Fish.png
Grilled Fish Perfectly cooked fish fresh from the grill. ☆☆☆☆

Fish.png Fish

Fruit Salad.png
Fruit Salad A salad of bananas, apples, and other fruits. ☆☆☆☆

Fruit.png Fruit

Bell Pepper Puffs.png
Bell Pepper Puffs Flaky pastries stuffed with bell peppers. ★★★☆☆

Bell Pepper.png Bell Pepper
Egg.png Egg
Cheese.png Cheese

Hearty Salad.png
Hearty Salad A salad loaded with veggies and fruits. ★★★☆☆

Vegetable.png Vegetable
Lettuce.png Lettuce
Vegetable.png Vegetable

Margherita Pizza.png
Margherita Pizza Tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. A classic! ★★★★

Spices & Herbs.png Spices & Herbs
Tomato.png Tomato
Cheese.png Cheese
Wheat.png Wheat

Veggie Casserole.png
Veggie Casserole Delicious veggies backed to perfection. ★★★★

Vegetable.png Vegetable
Vegetable.png Vegetable
Cheese.png Cheese
Spices & Herbs.png Spices & Herbs

Apple Pie.png
Apple Pie A warm, delicious apple pie. ★★★☆☆

Apple.png Apple
Wheat.png Wheat
Butter.png Butter

Banana Pie.png
Banana Pie A flaky pie with a distinct banana flavor. ★★★☆☆

Banana.png Banana
Wheat.png Wheat
Butter.png Butter

Ranch Salad.png
Ranch Salad A simple salad served with a rich dressing. ★★★★★

Lettuce.png Lettuce
Bell Pepper.png Bell Pepper
Corn.png Corn
Tomato.png Tomato
Onion.png Onion

Ratatouille A colorful plate of cooked vegetables. ★★★★★

Tomato.png Tomato
Eggplant.png Eggplant
Onion.png Onion
Zucchini.png Zucchini
Spices & Herbs.png Spices & Herbs