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Character Houses are locations where Characters live in The Valley. Some are already be placed when beginning a new game, while others must be unlocked via Quests. Character Houses that require Quests to unlock often cost additional funds to construct. Once constructed, many Houses can be placed anywhere in the Village, though some are restricted to land, and others are restricted to water.

Character Houses typically contain items of furniture that are thematically related to their resident's universe, as well as other items. Environment items inside Character Houses cannot be picked up; furniture placement mode is disabled while the Player is inside. However, the Player can still interact with functional items, such as seating, crafting stations, or cooking stations.

When resident Characters are sleeping inside their House, the Player will be unable to enter. On the map, this is indicated with a "Zzz" icon.

Unlock Method
DefaultStory QuestRealm QuestFriendship Quest

Land Houses

Water Houses

Unmovable/Environment Houses