Friends Aren't Food

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Friends Aren't Food
Scar Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Friendship Quest

Prerequisites: Friendship 2.png Scar Level 2

Progress with:
Remy.png Remy

Rewards: Friendship.png Friendship (260)

Friends aren't Food is a Story Quest which available from Scar. It's available after leveling Friendship with Scar to level 2, and progressed with Remy.

Quest Text

Scar seems restless, but he won't tell you why because you don't look regal enough for him to consort with. you decide to ask Mother Gothel to make you a coat.

Mother Gothel agrees to help you and asks you to bring her some materials.

The coat is a roaring success. Scar tells you he's grumpy because he's famished. You decide to go ask Remy for help before the lion starts to eat the other Villagers.

The little chef wants to give the food to Scar himself to ensure a perfect presentation. You stay to ensure no one gets eaten.

Scar has been fed. He should be appeased now, but there's only one way to know for sure.


Fiber.png Fiber (10)
Fabric.png Fabric (4)
Citrine.png Citrine (2)
Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot
Tekka Maki.png Tekka Maki (2)
Sake Maki.png Sake Maki (2)
  • Make sure you have everything to feed Scar in your Inventory.
  • Bring the sushi to Remy
  • Follow Remy as he gives Scar his food.
  • Talk to Scar


Friendship.png Friendship (260)