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Friendship is how the players relationship with Characters is measured.

Completing quests, doing activities that expend energy while hanging out, having Daily Discussions, serving meals in Chez Remy, or giving characters gifts will increase Friendship level.

Each character can be leveled up to Friendship Level 10. Every Friendship level awards a prize - either Star Coins or a unique Motif, Clothing, or Furniture item that cannot be obtained in any other way.

Tip: When trying to level up the characters, go into the Menu>Collections>Characters. There will be a list of all characters there. If you put your cursor over a character, in the bottom right-hand corner will be a list of their three "favorite things of the day". Giving one or more of these items to the character will produce extra friendship stars so they will level up faster! (The items can consist of anything that comes from anywhere in the game, so it is possible that a character's current favorite item(s) of the day may be something(s) you do not have access to/cannot make yet.)

Hanging Out

In order to Hang Out with a Villager, you must first reach Friendship Level 2 and select a Role. While Hanging Out, the character will follow you around the Village, including into any Character Houses or Locations. Characters will not follow the Player to other Realms. They will not sit down or leave in the middle of Hanging Out to follow their regular schedule of eating in Chez Remy, sleeping, or browsing Scrooge's Store - however, as soon as you stop Hanging Out or restart the game, they may resume their regular schedule.

Bonus Resources

Main article: Bonuses: Villager Companion Role Benefits

Increasing friendship level and hanging out can greatly increase the resources when Fishing, Gardening, Digging, Foraging, and Mining.

Hanging out with a Villager with a role has a chance to provide extra resources. Assigning additional Villagers to the same role will increase the bonus resource chance for all characters with that role.

This hang out bonus is also tied to the Friendship level of the both the "hang out" Villager and all other Villagers with the same role.

The bonus chance of a resource when gathering while hanging out with a Villager with the matching role is:

Bonus Chance = Base Chance + Active Friend Level + Inactive Friend Level

  • Base Chance: 20% for Gardening, and 25% for all other roles.
  • Active Friend Level: 3.5% per friendship level of the Villager hanging out, up to 35% at level 10 friendship
  • Inactive Friend Level: 1% per friendship level of all friends not hanging out, up to 10% each friend at level 10 friendship

This means bonus resources will be generated 100% of the time while hanging out if there are 5 Villagers assigned that same role (6 if the role is Gardening).

Friendship Sources

Item gift values seem to be assigned based on their classification on the Collection menu, not their Cooking classification - this distinction matters primarily for Seafood and Seaweed.

Icon Activity Friendship Reward Value
Daily Discussion Icon.png Daily Discussion Friendship.png 500
Menu Icon Digging.png Digging

Friendship.png 20 per hole dug
Friendship.png 40 if Digging Role

Menu Icon Fishing.png Fishing - Failure

Friendship.png 4
Friendship.png 20 if Fishing Role

Menu Icon Fishing.png Fishing - Success

Friendship.png 150
Friendship.png 300 if Fishing Role

Foraging.png Foraging

Friendship.png 30 per Harvest action
Friendship.png 60 if Foraging Role

Menu Icon Ingredients.png Harvesting Crops

Friendship.png 15 per Harvest action
Friendship.png 30 if Gardening Role

Mining.png Mining

Friendship.png 150 per Rock Spot mined to completion
Friendship.png 300 if Mining Role

Timebending.png Timebending

Friendship.png 50 per Treasure found
Friendship.png 100 if Timebending Role

Menu Icon Ingredients.png Planting Friendship.png 15 per seed
Menu Icon Thorns.png Removing Night Thorns Friendship.png 50
Guide Icon Tools.png Removing Obstacles Friendship.png 50
Camera Icon.png Selfie with Villager Companion while Hanging Out Friendship.png 10 (limit 1x per day)
Menu Icon Watering.png Watering Crops Friendship.png 20 per crop watered
Menu Icon Flowers.png Watering Dried Flowers Friendship.png 20 per flower watered
Gift Icon.png Gift: Menu Icon Ingredients.png Seeds Friendship.png 10
Gift Icon.png

Gift: Crafting.png Crafting Materials
Gift: Refined Materials.png Refined Materials
Gift: Timebending Fragments.png Fragments
Gift: Timebending Parts.png Timebending Parts

Friendship.png 25
Gift Icon.png

Gift: Fruit.png Fruit
Gift: Spices & Herbs.png Spices & Herbs
Gift: Grains.png Grains
Gift: Vegetables.png Vegetables

Friendship.png 50
Gift Icon.png

Gift: Fish.png Fish
(Items obtained via Fishing, including some Seafood and Seaweed)

Friendship.png 150
Gift Icon.png

Gift: Icon Eating.png Chez Remy's Pantry Ingredients
Gift: Meat.png Protein
Gift: Seafood.png Seafood (Foraged Seafood)

Friendship.png 200
Gift Icon.png Gift: Timebending Gifts.png Timebending Gifts Friendship.png 200
Gift Icon.png Gift: Flowers Friendship.png 400
Gift Icon.png Gift: Minerals Friendship.png 600
Gift Icon.png Gift: Enchantments
i.e. Purified Night Shard
Friendship.png 1,000
Gift Heart Icon.png Gift: Favorite Thing of the Day Bonus Friendship.png 1,500 (in addition to value of item)
Menu Icon Quests.png Quests
Gift Icon.png Gift: Meals
Unknown - potentially formula based on energy, cost values of ingredients, and whether number of ingredients matches star value of recipe. Common values seem to range from 200 to 530, highest known possible value meal is 900.
Chez Remy Order Icon.png Serve: Chez Remy Meal Unknown - estimated above 3500, seems to scale based on value of meal. Added in addition to value of meal.