Frozen Castle

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Frozen Castle
Kristoff and Anna's House.png
Residents: Anna.png Anna
Kristoff.png Kristoff
Olaf.png Olaf
Found: Forest of Valor.png Forest of Valor

Frozen Castle is a Character House where Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf live. It is a large Arendelle-style castle. It will already be placed when beginning a new game and is found on the southeast side of the Forest of Valor. It can be placed anywhere in the Village on land.


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Schedule times have been community sourced and may not be accurate & subject to change
Time Location
Icon Valley.png
12:00 AM Unavailable. Kristoff sleeping inside his home.
Icon Sleeping.png
2:00 AM Open and available.
Icon Valley.png
3:00 AM Unavailable. Olaf sleeping from 3am - 7am. Anna sleeping from 4am - 8am.
Icon Valley.png
8:00 AM Open and available.
Icon Sleeping.png
10:00 PM Unavailable. Kristoff sleeping inside his home.

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This location is involved in the following quests:

Friendship Quests