Grand Double Doors

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Grand Double Doors
Grand Double Doors.png
Type: Menu Icon Furniture.png Furniture
Categories: Trimmings.png Trimmings
Doors.png Doors
Wall.png Wall


Costs: Star Coin icon.png 3,200
From: Currently unavailable (based on player reports)
Environment: Indoor Only

Grand Double Door is a Beauty and the Beast themed piece of Door Furniture.

Once collected it is added to the Furniture Set Collection and more can be ordered from Scrooge's Catalog.

It can be positioned and placed using the Furniture menu inside the Inventory. It can only be placed indoors, on doors. It can be applied by selecting an existing Door, which enables an option to Replace, and then choosing a replacement. Once it is placed in the world, the Player can Enter it to move between rooms inside the Player's House.

Removed availability

This door was previously found in Scrooge's Store and Furniture Pouches. In update 1.3 doors were changed from wall mounted decorative objects to functional replacements for the doors inside the Player's House. Since that update there have been no player reports of this, or any other door appearing either in Scrooge's Store or inside Furniture Pouches.

There has been no update from the developer about this item's removal from game, which suggests it is still intended by the developers to be available for sale in Scrooge's Store.

It is possible it has a very low chance to appear in store and has not been reported by players to the wiki since it was modified in the update - or that a game bug is preventing it from appearing in Store as the developers have intended. If anyone has seen this item available in Scrooge's Store the article can be updated directly, or can be updated by posting in the discussion page or on the wiki's admin noticeboard.


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.3: Changed from decoration from functional object, no longer appears in Scrooge's Store (based on player reports)