Lifeless Orb of Nurturing

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Lifeless Orb of Nurturing
Lifeless Orb of Nurturing.png

The Orb of Nurturing seems to have lost its spark of magic. But maybe it just needs a little tender nurturing to restore the magic inside.

Type: Menu Icon Quests.png Quest Item

Found: Dropped by the Forgotten through the dark portal
From: Menu Icon Quests.png Nature & Nurture

Lifeless Orb of Nurturing is a quest item which is collected during the quest Nature & Nurture.


Menu Icon Quests.png Nature & Nurture - Dropped by the Forgotten after entering through the dark portal during the quest. Pick up off ground


Menu Icon Quests.png Nature & Nurture - Deliver to Merlin, then plant in the ground near the pillar in Sunlit Plateau. It takes 48 hours to grow, and requires watering.