Mining Training Manual

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Mining Training Manual
Mining Training Manual.png

Want help finding more gems and minerals while mining? Gift this to any Level-10 Villager to change their role!

Type: Menu Icon Crafting.png Crafting
Crafting Category: Enchantments Icon.png Enchantments

Crafting Recipe: Topaz.png Topaz (2)

Aquamarine.png Aquamarine (2)
Peridot.png Peridot (2)
Dreamlight.png Dreamlight (5000)

Mining Training Manual is a crafted enchantment.

It can be crafted and collected using a crafting station. Once collected it will be added to the Crafting Collection.

It can be gifted to a Villager to re-assign their role to Mining once they have reached Level 10 Friendship.

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