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Type: Menu Icon Currency.png Currency

From: Founder's Pack

Moonstone Packs purchased with real money
Daily Moonstone Chest.png Daily Moonstone Chest

Moonstone is a premium currency. A limited amount of Moonstones is provided when purchasing a Founder's Pack edition of the game. Additional moonstones can be purchased separately on all platforms.

Moonstones are used to purchase in-game cosmetic items in the Premium Shop or to activate Premium Tracks during events, unlocking exclusive rewards. They can also be exchanged for event tokens, which can be used to purchase rewards during event tracks.

Currently the only ways to collect Moonstones are to purchase a Founder's Pack (different editions include different amounts), collect the blue Daily Moonstone Chest which spawns somewhere in the world (which contains Moonstone icon.png 50, prior to update 3; the chest awarded Moonstone icon.png 10), by trading in excess event currency earned during events, or by purchasing additional Moonstone packs (different sized packs include different amounts).

Gameloft has also stated that Moonstones will be used to unlock extra cosmetic items in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and spending real money is not required for the base game.[1]