Nature & Nurture

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Nature & Nurture
Scar Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Quests.png Story Quest Menu Icon Story.png
Prerequisites: Complete Menu Icon Quests.png The Curse

Unlock Sunlit Plateau

Rewards: Friendship (1000)

Nature & Nurture is a Story Quest which unlocks Scar and restores the Sunlit Plateau.

It's available after unlocking the Sunlit Plateau and completing the quest Menu Icon Quests.png The Curse.

After planting the orb in the ground it takes at least 48 hours to be ready to harvest, requiring watering when dry or it may take longer.

Quest Text

A rock crumbles on the Sunlit Plateau, revealing the entrance to a mysterious lair...

Inside the giant skull, you find Scar, who has been trapped there since not long after the Forgetting. Scar suggests you explore the Vitalys Mines to find what's blocking the river in the Sunlit Plateau.

Inside the Vitalys Mines, you find Night Thorn Roots blocking the river. You put together a very fizzy concoction to clear the Night Thorns.

Leaving the Vitalys Mines, you spot the Forgotten holding something. You chase them through a Dark Portal and recover the Orb of Nurturing. But you also discover that the Forgotten looks exactly like you...

You manage to restore life to the Sunlit Plateau with a little bit of nurturing and care. As for the Forgotten... the mystery lives on.


  • Investigate the Giant Skull in the Elephant Graveyard of the Sunlit Plateau.
  • Talk to Scar.
  • Enter the Vitalys Mines at the mouth of the river in the Sunlit Plateau.
  • Explore the Vitalys Mines and find whatever's blocking the river.
  • Check the sign next to the barrel in the Vitalys Mines.
  • Search the mining camp in the Vitalys Mines for the Ingredients.
  • Tell Merlin about what you've found.
  • Prepare the Extra Fizzy Root Beer at a Cooking Station.
  • Clear the Night Thorn roots blocking the water source in the mine.
  • Return to the Sunlit Plateau to see if the river has been restored.
  • Follow the Forgotten through the Dark Portal near the Elephant Graveyard.
  • The Forgotten dropped something!
  • Pick it up.
  • Return to Dreamlight Valley.
  • Show Merlin what you've found.
  • Gather the following items needed for the Miracle Growth Elixir:


Friendship (1000)