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This stone is as dark as night and as precious as it is hard to find. You wonder if it could be used to improve your Royal Pickaxe in some way.

Type: Menu Icon Gems.png Gem

Sells for: Star Coin icon.png 300
Found: Anywhere
From: Mining.png Mining

Onyx is a rare gem which has a chance to be found mining any rock nodes using the pickaxe.


Onyx is a required material in the following crafting recipes.

Image Name Crafting Recipe
Even More Miraculous Pickaxe Polish.png
Even More Miraculous Pickaxe Polish

Vitalys Crystal.png Vitalys Crystal (20)
Onyx.png Onyx (10)
Dreamlight.png Dreamlight (1000)

Miracle Pickaxe Polish.png
Miracle Pickaxe Polish

Vitalys Crystal.png Vitalys Crystal (10)
Onyx.png Onyx (5)
Dreamlight.png Dreamlight (500)

Night Shard.png
Night Shard (3)

Onyx.png Onyx (1)

Quest Objectives

Onyx is an objective during the following quests.

Quest Required Use
Menu Icon Quests.png These Legs Were Made for Walking Menu Icon Shop.png Ursula.png 3 Deliver to Ursula