Photo Backdrop

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Photo Backdrop
Photo Backdrop.png
Type: Menu Icon Furniture.png Crafted Furniture
Crafting Category: Quest Item, Furniture
Categories: Quest Item
Electronics.png Electronics
Miscellaneous.png Miscellaneous


Found: Crafted during quest
From: Menu Icon Quests.png Making Music
Crafting Recipe: Hardwood.png Hardwood (20)

Tinkering Parts.png Tinkering Parts (9)
Fabric.png Fabric (10)
Glass.png Glass (10)

Photo Backdrop is a Lilo & Stitch themed piece of craftable furniture. Crafting it is an objective during the Stitch Friendship quest Making Music.

It can be positioned and placed using furniture placement mode. It can be crafted and collected using a crafting station. Once collected it will be added to both the Crafting Collection and the Furniture Collection.


Menu Icon Quests.png Making Music - Crafted during quest.


Menu Icon Quests.png Making Music - Deliver to Scrooge McDuck.