Prince Eric's Castle

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Prince Eric's Castle
Prince Eric's Castle.png
Costs: Star Coin icon.png 10,000
Residents: Prince Eric.png Prince Eric
Found: Unlocked during quest
From: Menu Icon Quests.png Poor Unfortunate Prince Friendship 10.pngUrsula.png

Prince Eric's Castle is a Character House where Prince Eric lives. It is a large castle. It is unlocked during the Ursula Level 10 Friendship quest Poor Unfortunate Prince and costs Star Coin icon.png 10,000 to construct. It can be placed anywhere in the Village on land.

Inside the house Prince Eric will offer a small selection of different crafting blueprints for purchase that randomly change daily. These become available after completing the Prince Eric Level 7 Friendship quest Back on the Waves.


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Time Location
Icon Valley.png
12:00 AM Open and available.
Icon Sleeping.png
7:00 AM Unavailable. Prince Eric sleeping inside his home.
Icon Valley.png
11:00 AM Open and available.

Environment Items


This location is involved in the following quests:

Friendship Quests


After completing the quest Back on the Waves, a Blueprint Table will become available inside Prince Eric's Castle in the second room. At the table, crafting recipes can be purchased for Star Coins. Only the name of the item is visible before purchasing. Once purchased, the crafting recipe will automatically be added to the Crafting Station menu. When all blueprints have been purchased, the table will remain, but will always be empty. The blueprints Prince Eric sells are nautical and artifact themed, and are listed below.

Blueprint Price
Broken Carved Pillar Base.png Broken Carved Pillar Base Star Coin icon.png 1,500
Broken Pillar Base.png Broken Pillar Base Star Coin icon.png 1,500
Compass Ottoman.png Compass Ottoman Star Coin icon.png 2,500
Helm Bookshelf.png Helm Bookshelf Star Coin icon.png 2,500
Low Sculpted Pillar.png Low Sculpted Pillar Star Coin icon.png 1,500
Mossy Base.png Mossy Base Star Coin icon.png 1,500
Mossy Circle-Carving Stone.png Mossy Circle-Carving Stone Star Coin icon.png 1,500
Mossy Eye-Carving Stone.png Mossy Eye-Carving Stone Star Coin icon.png 1,500
Nautical-Themed Couch.png Nautical-Themed Couch Star Coin icon.png 2,500
Pirate Map on the Wall.png Pirate Map on the Wall Star Coin icon.png 2,500
Refreshment Chest.png Refreshment Chest Star Coin icon.png 2,500
Ship Coffee Table.png Ship Coffee Table Star Coin icon.png 2,500
Wide Arched Window.png Wide Arched Window Star Coin icon.png 2,500