Small Wildebeest Bones

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Small Wildebeest Bones
Small Wildebeest Bones.png
Type: Obstacle
Tool: Shovel.png Shovel Upgrade 2
Menu Icon Quests.png Breaking Bones Friendship 4.pngScar.png

Yield: Clay.png Clay (2)

Small Wildebeest Bones is an obstacle that can be cleared to collect materials. Some appear by default at the beginning of the game in the Sunlit Plateau. They will persist until the player clears them.

They can be cleared by using the Shovel (upgrade 2). When cleared, they yield 2 Clay.

Removal Requirements


There are three visual variants of Small Wildebeest Bones, but they all function the same way.

Image Name Size Can spawn on tile? Can be walked through? Biome Unlock
Small Wildebeest Bones 1 (with Skull) 3x3* (missing 1 tile) yes no Sunlit Plateau
Small Wildebeest Bones 2 (partial Skull) 2x3 yes no Sunlit Plateau
Small Wildebeest Bones 3 (no Skull) 3x3 yes no Sunlit Plateau


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.1: Added ability to remove