Sweet Udon

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Sweet Udon
Sweet Udon.png

This bowl of udon is shimmering with a strange magic. Will you be brave enough to try it?

Type: Menu Icon Meals.png Meal
Categories: Entrées.png Entrée
Placement: 1x1 (Surfaces)
Sells for: Star Coin icon.png 180 or more
Energy: Energy.png+1,427 or more
Ingredients: Dreamlight Fruit
Seafood.png Any Seafood
Sweets.png Any Sweet

Sweet Udon is a four-star entrée meal which can be made at a cooking station.

It can be cooked by combining Dreamlight Fruit, Rice, any Seafood, and any Sweet. Once collected it will be added to the Dreamlight Valley Meals Collection.

Meals can be placed in the world by highlighting them inside the Inventory window and selecting Drop. After a meal has been removed from inventory it can be positioned using furniture placement mode.

Recipe Variants

Sweet Udon can be made with the following Ingredients to satisfy the Seafood.png Any Seafood and Sweets.png Any Sweet requirements. Ingredients are listed in ascending order of Star Coin value, which is the order that they will be used by the auto-fill feature.

Seafood light.png Any Seafood Sweets light.png Any Sweet Energy Sell Price
Festive Squid Sugarcane Energy.png+3,099 Star Coin icon.png 180
Clam Sugarcane Energy.png+1,427 Star Coin icon.png 246
Scallop Sugarcane Energy.png+1,436 Star Coin icon.png 254
Oyster Sugarcane Energy.png+1,674 Star Coin icon.png 554
Shrimp Sugarcane Energy.png+2,624 Star Coin icon.png 629
Crab Sugarcane Energy.png+3,479 Star Coin icon.png 1,079
Squid Sugarcane Energy.png+3,099 Star Coin icon.png 929
Lobster Sugarcane Energy.png+4,239 Star Coin icon.png 1,604
Festive Squid Cocoa Bean Energy.png+3,867 Star Coin icon.png 209
Clam Cocoa Bean Energy.png+2,195 Star Coin icon.png 275
Scallop Cocoa Bean Energy.png+2,204 Star Coin icon.png 283
Oyster Cocoa Bean Energy.png+2,442 Star Coin icon.png 583
Shrimp Cocoa Bean Energy.png+3,392 Star Coin icon.png 658
Crab Cocoa Bean Energy.png+4,247 Star Coin icon.png 1,108
Squid Cocoa Bean Energy.png+3,867 Star Coin icon.png 958
Lobster Cocoa Bean Energy.png+5,000 Star Coin icon.png 1,633
Festive Squid Vanilla Energy.png+3,268 Star Coin icon.png 242
Clam Vanilla Energy.png+1,596 Star Coin icon.png 308
Scallop Vanilla Energy.png+1,605 Star Coin icon.png 316
Oyster Vanilla Energy.png+1,843 Star Coin icon.png 616
Shrimp Vanilla Energy.png+2,793 Star Coin icon.png 691
Crab Vanilla Energy.png+3,648 Star Coin icon.png 1,141
Squid Vanilla Energy.png+3,268 Star Coin icon.png 991
Lobster Vanilla Energy.png+4,408 Star Coin icon.png 1,666


Though Dreamlight Valley udon requires rice as an ingredient, actual udon is a thick noodle made from wheat flour. It is primary served in Japan but can be found in other countries such as South Korea, Palau and the Philippines.