The Club Renewal

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The Club Renewal
Minnie Mouse Quest
Minnie Mouse.png
Quest Information
Categories: Friendship Quest

Prerequisites: Friendship 10.png Minnie Mouse Level 10

Unlock characters

Anna.png Anna
Woody.png Woody

Unlock biomes

Glade of Trust.png Glade of Trust
Sunlit Plateau.png Sunlit Plateau
Frosted Heights.png Frosted Heights
Rewards: Friendship.png Friendship (1230)

Minnie's Dinner Party Gown.png Minnie's Dinner Party Gown

The Club Renewal is a Friendship Quest available from Minnie Mouse.

It's available after leveling Friendship with Minnie Mouse to level 10, unlocking Anna and Woody, and clearing the paths to the Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, and Frosted Heights.

Quest Text

Minnie has an exciting new idea and needs your help.

She wants to start the Cheerful Chums Club again and wonders if there's anything left of their old banner. You decide to look for it.

You find an old banner on which you can read "Cheerful Chums." It's in a sorry state but Minnie would probably be happy to see it.

The old banner is damaged beyond repair. Minnie decides the best option is to make a brand-new one.

Minnie loves the new banner and asks to have the first club meeting in your House.

The first club meeting was a success but it's better to debrief with Minnie, just to be sure.


  • Investigate the Glade of Trust for a long-lost banner.
  • Go talk to Minnie about it.
  • Gather the following items to craft the Cheerful Chums Club Banner.
Fabric.png Fabric (20)
Gold Nugget.png Gold Nugget (10)
  • Craft the Cheerful Chums Banner
  • Go to your House
  • Place the Cheerful Chums Club Banner in a nice spot of your choosing in your House.
  • Relaunch the Cheerful Chums Club.
  • Go talk to Minnie about the Club.