The Lion King Realm

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The Lion King Realm
Lion King's realm profile picture.png
Residents: Nala.png Nala, Simba.png Simba
Found: Dream Castle.png Dream Castle (Second Floor)
Unlock Cost: Dreamlight.png 10,000

The The Lion King Realm is an Realm accessed through a door on the second floor of the Dream Castle. It can be unlocked for Dreamlight.png 10,000 Dreamlight.

In this realm players can meet Simba and Nala, complete their quests, and invite them to move to the Valley.


Realm Quests

Points of Interest

Dried-Out Oasis

The entrance to the realm is a dried-out oasis inhabited by hyenas. As players progress through the Realm Quests, they will attempt to restore life to the oasis.



Environment Items


The following items can be collected in this location:


Lion King's realm 1.png Lion King's realm 2.png Lion King's realm 3.png Lion King's realm 4.png