V-EGG-etable Seed

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V-EGG-etable Seed
V-EGG-etable Seed.png

Plant this and you're sure to have a most egg-quisite harvest.

Type: Seed
Crafting Category: Refined Materials.png Refined Materials

Growth Time: Ingredients.png 30 min
Waterings: Menu Icon Watering.png 2
Yield: Spring V-EGG-etable.png Spring V-EGG-etable (1)
Sells for: Star Coin icon.png 100
Crafting Recipe: Egg-cellent Fruit.png Egg-cellent Fruit

Wild Spring Egg.png Wild Spring Egg
Dreamlight.png Dreamlight (20)

V-EGG-etable Seed is a refined material which can be crafted using a crafting station using the limited time eggs found during the Eggstravaganza event.

These seeds can be planted to grow Spring V-EGG-etable. After planting it will take 30 minutes to produce an egg, requiring watering once after 15 minutes.

Its preferred Biome is the Peaceful Meadow.png Peaceful Meadow. The preferred Biome is denoted by a small caret that displays on the seed icon when selecting a seed to plant at a hole when in the Biome. For all other crops, the preferred Biome is the same as the Biome in which the seeds can be purchased from Goofy's Stall. When planted in its preferred Biome, a crop grows 10% faster.