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Update Information
Update Number: 11

(The Remembering Update)

Released: 7 June 2023
Update Timeline
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The Remembering Update

The Remembering[1]

For all your efforts, The Forgetting still has a foothold in the Valley, and its Darkness spreads rampantly across all biomes. In our largest story update, journey to the Forgotten Lands and beyond to uncover the source of what, and who, The Forgetting is – all with the help of someone who knows a little bit about solving problems with magic (...and pumpkins!).

Wonder of Pixar Star Path

Celebrate all things Pixar in our latest Star Path! Add a pop of color to your Valleys with exclusive rewards such as a Red Panda Onesie inspired by Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red, or the iconic aquarium full of BUBBLES!!! from Finding Nemo. Ahead of it’s theatrical release, you can also get your avatar Valley-ready for Disney and Pixar’s upcoming Elemental by unlocking a range of hairstyles, clothing and other items inspired by this new film in which “opposites react”.

Both the Premium Shop and Scrooge McDuck Store have received stock updates! Make sure to check each regularly for new content.

Summer Fun

Be sure to check in on our socials next week for how to claim a variety of free Pride-themed t-shirts so that you can #LiveColorfully in your Valleys!

Decorating Updates

From cosplays of your favorite Pixar Pals to gowns that would make even a Disney princess jealous, we love seeing what the Disney Dreamlight Valley Community comes up with in the Touch of Magic Tool. In our fifth major content update we’re putting more creative tools in your hands with Touch of Magic FURNITURE! After crafting 15 base furniture pieces in-game, you’ll be able to use a variety of textures and your collection of motifs to take your decorating designs to the new heights.

WALL·E Dream Bundle

Say Hello to WALL·E in our first Dream Bundle! Add his Dapper Dream Style to your collection and join him on an exclusive questline to unlock a variety of rewards and even some new dance moves for the Valley’s favorite robot.

Community Driven Changes

With every update, we look to our Community for suggestions and feedback to inspire new content and features. Here are a few of the changes and additions you can expect in this update, brought on by your feedback:

  • Share off your style with Mannequins: You can now display and quickly change into your favorite fits with a new item!
  • Live it up in the Valley with Multiple Player homes: We saw that players hated moving their homes from biome to biome. Become the Valley real estate mogul by adding multiple homes for you to use in the Valley.
  • Increased Item Limit: You asked, we listened. Go wild decorating with a higher item limit!

New Content and Improvements[2]

  • It’s our biggest story update yet! The story behind The Forgetting comes full circle!
  • Fairy Godmother – along with her Friendship Quests – arrives in the Valley, answering the long-standing question of “who does that giant pumpkin belong to?”
  • Celebrate all things Pixar with the brand-new Wonder of Pixar Star Path, featuring exclusive items from upcoming feature film Elemental, as well as Inside Out, Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, and Turning Red.
  • Even more new, optional items are on their way to the Premium Shop for a limited time, including the Dark Castle House Style, vacation-inspired Dream Styles for multiple characters, animal companion skins, and much more!
  • Browse with confidence. Preview the in-game models of items in the Premium Shop before purchasing them.
  • Premium Shop refresh time has been adjusted to Wednesday at 9:00 AM ET (from Friday).
  • New shipment alert! Scrooge McDuck’s Store has received a new batch of items to collect, including a range of pumpkin-themed goods.
  • To help track which items from Scrooge McDuck’s Store you’ve added to your Collection (and which you haven’t yet), a red dot will be displayed on store items that are not yet owned.
  • Make your mark on the Valley with the expanded Touch of Magic feature, allowing the customization of furniture using your hard-earned motifs.
  • Bring a little more style to rainy days in the Valley with new umbrella hand accessories.
  • You can now place multiple different player houses throughout the Valley. Please note, only one instance of any given house style can be placed.
  • Step up your wardrobe! Use the new mannequin feature to save, display, and instantly change into your favorite outfits at the press of a button.
  • Roads in the Valley have received a glow up, allowing you to add borders to them.
  • Customize the look of your Tools with Premium tool skins.
  • We’ve added a news feed to the Start Menu to help keep you in the loop about all the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley updates.
  • Added a toggle to the Options menu on high performance hardware (PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X) that allows players to increase the Valley item limit, allowing for the placement of 1,200 unique objects / 6,000 total objects (including duplicates).
  • Added Steam and Epic Game Store achievements.
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New Content

Changes listed below in italics are unofficial and not part of the release notes


Menu Icon Characters.png Characters

House Icon.png Character Houses

Menu Icon Events.png Events

Menu Icon Quests.png Quests

New Locations

Menu Icon Companions.png Companions

Fish.png Fish and Seafood.png Seafood

Menu Icon Meals.png Meals

Menu Icon Clothing.png Clothing

Menu Icon Furniture.png Furniture

Menu Icon Shop.png Premium Shop Bundles

  • Big Hero 6 Workspace Bundle (Moonstone icon.png 1,750)
  • Turning Red Trio (Moonstone icon.png 1,500)
  • Nefarious Set (Moonstone icon.png 3,750)
  • Plant Beard & Mustache Bundle (Moonstone icon.png 1,000)
  • Rainy Day Essentials 1 (Moonstone icon.png 1,200)
  • Rainy Day Essentials 2 (Moonstone icon.png 1,200)
  • Dapper WALL-E Dream Bundle (Moonstone icon.png 4,000)

Crafting.png Crafting

Functional Items
Fences and Paving

Menu Icon Quests.png Quest Items

Motifs Icon.png Motifs

Menu Icon Wallpaper.png Wallpaper

  • Pumpkin Print Wallpaper.png Pumpkin Print Wallpaper
  • Wallpaper is now tracked in the Furniture Collection. Does not seem to apply to existing Wallpaper (other than Founder's Pack items), only newly purchased items.

Menu Icon Flooring.png Floors

  • Green and White Linoleum.png Green and White Linoleum
  • Flooring is now tracked in the Furniture Collection. Does not seem to apply to existing Flooring (other than Founder's Pack items), only newly purchased items.

Menu Icon Face Paint.png Face Paint

Menu Icon Eyes.png Eye Shadow

Menu Icon Clothing.png Character Dream Styles

House Dream Styles

Menu Icon Memories.png Memories

  • Dreamlight Valley Memory 20
  • Old Ruler's Lost Diaries Memory 45
  • Old Ruler's Lost Diaries Memory 46
  • Old Ruler's Lost Diaries Memory 47
  • Old Ruler's Lost Diaries Memory 48

Menu Icon Dreamlight.png Dreamlight Achievements

  • Added "Foraging.png Foraging: Harvest Dreamlight Fruit" {5, 70, 230, 400, 900}
  • Added 10 duties to "Fruit.png Harvest 3..." of each fruit type
  • Added 7 duties to "Fish.png Catch 3 Fish..." from each biome (except the Plaza)
  • Added duties to "Fish.png Catch 3..." of specific fish
  • Added 8 duties to "Menu Icon Critters.png Feed..." each critter type
  • Added 9 duties to "Rock Spot Icon.png Mine 4 Rock Spots in..." each biome (and Vitalys Mine)
  • Removed duty "Menu Icon Watering.png Water 2 Dried Flowers"


Bugs Introduced

  • Audio from Woody's Carousel is abnormally loud, can be heard from long distances
  • When purchasing items on display at Scrooge's Store, item can display with no image, name as "Bed with a long name", and the "Cinderella" universe (with no icon). Alternatively, the details of the previous item purchased can display. Scrooge's dialogue matches the item on display, and purchasing item on display works correctly.
  • When purchasing items on display at Scrooge's Store, the alignment of Universe icon can sometimes overlap with the Universe name text, and gray background will sometimes not extend far enough to be able to read the entirety of the Universe name
  • Critters do not always offer rewards when fed for the first time
  • The Fairy Godmother sometimes refuses to hang out

Top Bug Fixes[3]

  • Fixed an issue which caused all Passion Lilies in the Frosted Heights biome to appear as red on the ground but would switch to their correct color when picked up.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented players from cooking the Dream Fizz recipe.
  • Fixed an issue which caused certain quest-giver icons to display improperly in their frames.
  • Fixed an issue in which Scrooge McDuck’s Store would appear empty.
  • Fixed an issue in which the game would open in a small window for some PC players, preventing interaction with the game.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Memory Shards and Star Coins from spawning when watering dried flowers or removing small Night Thorns.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented players from buying or selling items from Goofy’s stall.
  • "Stitch's Hobby” quest: Fixed an issue which prevented some players from giving Stitch his repaired TV.
  • Staking Your Territory” quest: Fixed an issue which prevented players from removing the mustache Nala asked them to wear during this quest.
  • Collect 'Em All: Strangers from the Outside!” quest: Fixed an issue where alien toys would occasionally appear in unreachable locations.
  • A Story to Tell” quest: Fixed an issue in which the photo the player takes is not recognized during this quest.
  • Eyes in the Dark” quest: Fixed an issue in which a freeze would revert players to an earlier stage of the quest where they had to bring a sound system to Nala and prevent further progress.
  • Eyes in the Dark” quest: Fixed an issue in which a slimy bug under a rock is unreachable.
  • Remy’s Recipe Book” quest: Fixed an issue in which the peanuts required for this quest disappear from the player’s inventory.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the game from recognizing completion of the duty “Take a Photo with Mirabel”.
  • Fixed an issue in which Mirabel’s icon appears on the map, but she is not present at that location in-game.
  • Fixed an issue in which oysters stop spawning in the Dazzle Beach biome.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Raven Wings item to repeated flap every few seconds.
  • Fixed an issue which caused some items to appear visible through walls.
  • Fixed instances of users experiencing Initialization Error #10
  • Various visual and sound optimizations and fixes.
  • And more bug fixes, optimizations and performance stability improvements!