WALL-E's Truck

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WALL-E's Truck
WALL-E's Truck.png
Costs: Star Coin icon.png 2,000
Residents: WALL-E.png WALL-E
Found: Unlocked during quest
From: Menu Icon Quests.png The Shy Little Robot WALL-E Icon.png

WALL-E's Truck is a Character House where WALL-E lives. It is a large, run-down, but futuristic-looking truck. It is unlocked during the WALL-E Realm quest The Shy Little Robot and costs Star Coin icon.png 2,000 to construct. It can be placed anywhere in the Village on land.


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Time Location
Icon Valley.png
12:00 AM Open and available.
Icon Sleeping.png
3:00 AM Unavailable. WALL-E sleeping inside his home.
Icon Valley.png
7:00 AM Open and available.

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This location is involved in the following quests:

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