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Inventory refers to the contents that the Player currently has available to them to use in Quests, Gift to other Villagers, or move between Storage Containers.

It is not necessary to have crafting materials and cooking ingredients in Inventory in order to use them at Crafting Stations and Cooking Stations, as long as they are in a Storage Container somewhere in the Valley.


The Inventory can be upgraded using the + Expand button located directly over the first row of locked storage slots. This opens a confirmation window to pay Star Coins to unlock that row of storage. There are three upgrades, and each adds an additional row of storage slots. The contents are organized in columns of 7 storage slots, with a maximum of 6 rows, for a total of 42 maximum storage slots at full upgrade.

Upgrade Inventory Slots Cost
Initial 21 Available at game start
Upgrade 1 28 Star Coin icon.png 5,000
Upgrade 2 35 Star Coin icon.png 20,000
Upgrade 3 42 Star Coin icon.png 50,000