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Quests are requests given by Characters. They increase Friendship with the character after turning them in, and some quests are required to advance into new areas, and unlock features and characters.

They can be tracked inside the 'Quest' tab inside the pause menu and tracking will display the objectives and progress on screen.

Story Quests

Dreamlight Valley

Welcome to Dreamlight ValleyThe Royal ToolsThe Dream CastleMaking Cents of ThingsFishing ExpeditionScrooge McDuck's Grand Re-openingMickey's MemoriesFoodceptionFriendship Is EverythingRebuild the Valley: Peaceful MeadowWith Great Power...Rebuild the Valley: Dazzle BeachLost in the Dark GroveRebuild the Valley: Forest of ValorThe CurseRebuild the Valley: Glade of TrustNature & NurtureRebuild the Valley: Sunlit PlateauWorking MiraclesThe Great BlizzardRebuild the Valley: Frosted HeightsMiracles Take TimeForgotten Memories: FriendshipForgotten Memories: TrustForgotten Memories: NurturingWhat's Left BehindThe Forgotten RelicsForgotten Relics: The StorybookForgotten Relics: The DrawingForgotten Relics: The BlanketForgotten Relics: Beach ToysThe Dark CastleThe RememberedOdds & Ends...Between a Skull Rock and a Hard Place

Eternity Isle

The Port of Many WorldsThe Secrets of Eternity IsleThe Flying Metal NuisanceThe Sands in the HourglassA Game of CoinsNew Ventures (and Adventures)Give Me a SignAncient's Landing Fine DiningThe Wanderer of the DunesThe Wild Tangle's SwarmDiamond in the RoughThe Ancient DoorThe SundialThe TowerYour Eternal RewardThe Sunken RuinsDoes Not ComputeHero PoseAll the Right NotesA Bit of Help from Your FriendsThe Spark of ImaginationThe Monochrome Mystery

Realm Quests

Moana light.png Moana Realm After the StormThe Great MauiHow Far You'll GoA Feast Worthy Of A Demigod
Ratatouille light.png Ratatouille Realm An Important Night at the Restaurant
WALL-E light.png WALL-E Realm The Shy Little Robot
Frozen light.png Frozen Realm The Spirits of NatureChasing The WindWelcoming AnnaWelcoming Elsa
Toy Story light.png Toy Story Realm A Secret Mission in Uncharted SpaceYou're My Favorite Deputy
The Lion King light.png The Lion King Realm Eyes in the DarkStars to Guide Us
Beauty and the Beast light.png Beauty and the Beast Realm Into the West Wing!A Prince in Disguise
Monsters, Inc. light.png Monsters, Inc. Realm Escape ClawsEye on the Prize
Mulan light.png Mulan Realm A New RecruitThe Dragon ArmyA Defender's TrainingOrienteeringFishing for PrecisionBrick BreakingTraining TreasuresClearing the RoadProtecting the Camp

Friendship Quests

Merlin A New EnchantmentA Lesson in FrustrationCrystal MysteryA Dark ExperimentThe Final TrialThe Golden DoorknobSecrets & SchemesSomething Comes A'KnockingVillage Project: Timeless TreasuresVillage Project: Timeless TrashVillage Project: Timeless Tools
WALL-E It's Good to Be Home!Village Project: The GardenThe Compressed Garbage IncidentThe Broken MemoryA Friendly ExchangeThe Astronomy Club
Stitch Goodness Level CheckVery Sleepy StitchStitch's HobbyMaking Music
Vanellope Faith, Trust, and Pixel DustExtreme Biome MakeoverReady Player FunBoss UpFungeons and DragonsA Holiday Treat for VanellopeValley Visits!Vanellope: The Next Level
Maui Burying the EelA Tale of Stone and FireDemigod of the Wind and SunThe Heart of Dreamlight ValleyTraining Games: The Shapeshifter
Moana Fixing the BoatPeacemakersThe RememberingThe Search for PuaThe Ceremony
Remy A Restaurant MakeoverRemy's Recipe BookThe Price of FameThe Unknown FlavorA Three-Course Thank-YouBon Appétit!
Nala Staking Your TerritoryFishy BusinessThe Heart of a LionessHere and There and Back AgainTraining Games: The Lioness
Scar Friends Aren't FoodBreaking BonesThe Circle of LifeThe Making of a MonarchA Holiday Treat for Scar
Simba Hakuna MatataThe Great GatheringSeed of MemoriesThe Dreamlight Grove
Ariel The Lonely IslandThe Missing PrinceThingamabobs, Gadgets, and GizmosThe Ancient Doorway
Prince Eric Poor Unfortunate PrincePart of His WorldBack on the WavesThe Mystical Crystal
Ursula Lair Sweet LairMagic MomentsThe RitualA Deal with UrsulaVillager of the Month: Ursula
Anna An Icy InvitationLost Loves and Missing MemoriesThe Enchanted RingDo You Wanna Build a Snowman?
Elsa Breaking the IceWhat Home Feels LikeThe Singing IceThe Ice Cavern Mystery
Kristoff Leaving The Woods BehindFrozen MemoriesVillage Project: A Mountain Man's StallA Broken SledKristoff: A Romantic in the Making
Olaf A Place for JoyA Story to TellThe Role of a LifetimeOlaf Presents..."Dreamlight Valley"A Sticky SituationA Holiday Treat for Olaf
Mother Gothel My Kingdom for a ScrollShine a LightThe Sunstone FragmentsVillage Project: Restoring the Sunstone
Donald Duck A House Fit for a DuckA Fishy DisputeThe Forgotten ProjectThe Dreamlight FountainThe Mystery of the Stolen SocksThe Sock-Stealing Space Alien Strikes Again!Built to Destroy!Villager of the Month: Donald
Goofy A Warm WelcomePhotographic MemoryThe Mysterious WreckDinner with a FriendPhoto FervorScrapbook BlitzThe Ones That Got Away
Mickey Mouse Hangin' with MickeyMissing MinnieShadows and BowsMemory MagnificationThe Secret DoorFlower PowerYou Have Mail!
Minnie Mouse The Language of FlowersOn the Trail of Minnie's MemoryRemembering Old TimesThe Club RenewalVery Magical Minnie
Scrooge McDuck Dreamlight Valley Economy 101The Haunting of Dreamlight ValleyCustomers Know BestA Forgotten CombinationWhat's Bad for the BusinessThe Treasure HuntThe Treasure Hunt Part 2A Garden in the DesertVillage Project: Gear Loose and Fancy Free
Buzz Lightyear A Space Ranger RecruitA Space Ranger ReputationThe Fragmented PastThe Definition of a HeroCollect 'Em All: Little Green Men!Collect 'Em All: Strangers from the Outside!Collect 'Em All: Attic ModeWe Are Eternally Grateful!Training Games: The Space Ranger
Woody Failing BetterA Bit of a Fixer UpperWanted: AliensThe Illumination
The Fairy Godmother Fire AlarmA Lost BookBibbidi-Bobbidi-OopsA Magical Moment
Mirabel Healing HouseA Taste of HomeMeddling MirabelA Festival of Friendship
Belle Book HuntBreaking the CodeThe Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight ValleyThe Chronicles of the Ancients
The Beast The Beast with No BiteBe Our FriendThe Crown or the ClawA Gift in Crimson
The Forgotten The Magic in EverythingActs of CarePoetic License
Jack Skellington The Pumpkin King ReturnsThe Scientific MethodThe Holiday PollDreamlight Day
EVE Directive: Danger!A New DirectiveLasers & CraftsDirective: PlantWhen Things Go BoomEVE's Challenge
Gaston Center of AttentionGaston the... Hero?No One Heroes Like GastonDreamlight Valley's Next Top LeFouGaston's Challenge
Rapunzel The HousewarmingI've Got a DreamlightGlowing UpHome is Where the Art IsRapunzel's Challenge
Mike Wazowski Germs AboundMonstrously Good TasteA Comedic PropositionHave Your People Talk to My PeopleVillager of the Month: Mike
Sulley Monster Movie NightVillager of the MonthThe Power of KnowledgeThe Scavenger Hunt
Daisy Trouble in ParadiseDots & DaisiesAsk DaisyThe Glittered Gala
Oswald Oswald's Many DimensionsAn Alarming DevelopmentA Cockamamie ContestErratic Transportation
Mulan A Daily RegimeThe Shadow PlayThe Art of FunTraining Games
Mushu A Reminder in StoneThe M.U.S.H.U. ProgramThe Guardian PartyThe Red Pouch HuntCooking Sesame BallsMushu's Piñata ExtravaganzaThe Tiny Villagers Society

Repeatable Quests

Mickey Mouse Dreamlight Parks Fest: Mickey Blue Button.png (Daily)[1]
Moana Dreamlight Parks Fest: Moana Blue Button.png (Daily)[1]
Scrooge McDuck Dreamlight Parks Fest Blue Button.png (Weekly)[1]Dreamlight Parks Fest: Scrooge McDuck Blue Button.png (Daily)[1]Dreamlight Parks Fest: Decorate! Blue Button.png (Weekly)[1]Dreamlight Parks Fest: Decorate More! Blue Button.png (Weekly)[1]Dreamlight Parks Fest: Decorate Most! Blue Button.png (Weekly)[1]
Ursula Dreamlight Parks Fest: Ursula Blue Button.png (Daily)[1]
WALL-E Blooming and Blossoming Spring Egg Bounty.png (Daily)[2]Bunnies on the Run Spring Egg Bounty.png (Weekly)[2]Dreamlight Parks Fest: WALL-E Blue Button.png (Daily)[1]

Hidden Quests

Blue Potato QuestGolden Potato QuestGreen Potato QuestOrange Potato QuestPurple Potato QuestRed Potato Quest[3]

Dream Bundle Quests

Dapper WALL-E Dream Bundle Your Sunday BestMatchmaking MagicStrut Your StuffSprouting a Story
Ursula's Transformation Dream Bundle These Legs Were Made for Walking‎A Show Like No OtherVoice of ReasonDeal of the Day: Off the HookDeal of the Day: Bad Hair DayDeal of the Day: The GiftDeal of the Day: The Chocolate FountainDeal of the Day: Like a Warm Hug


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  2. 2.0 2.1 Only available during Eggstravaganza Event
  3. These quests consist of specific actions that unlock quest items and rewards, but no actual quest is tracked in the quest journal.