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Landscaping elements are the placeable natural rocks, trees, plants that make up the world of Dreamlight Valley. They also includes paths and fences.

The Landscaping menu is a subsection of the Furniture menu, which becomes available when outdoors. The natural elements are unlocked as each biome is unlocked, with each new biome adding a variety of rocks, trees, and plants to the landscaping menu. These items act like furniture, and once unlocked can be spawned and placed in infinite amounts (up to the global item limit). Paths and fences must be collected like normal items, and only what's been collected is available to place.

Some trees are available in different heights or styles. Selecting a tree to place allows you to see the current option. Select the tree again to see the different heights or styles available.

Underbrush Icon.png Underbrush

Trees Icon.png Trees

Rocks Icon.png Rocks

Pathing Icon.png Paths

Fencing Icon.png Fencing

  1. White Picket Fence - Base is not tracked in the Crafting Collection