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Landscaping items are the placeable rocks, trees, plants, paths, and fences that make up the world of Dreamlight Valley.

As each Biome is unlocked, new natural element options of rocks, trees, and plants are added to the Landscaping menu. These items can be placed like Furniture. They do not cost any Star Coins to place, and once unlocked can be spawned and placed in infinite amounts (up to the Item Limits). Paths and fences must be collected like normal items, and only what has been collected is available to place.

Some Trees are available in different heights, shapes, or colors. One of possible variants will be randomly provided each time the item is selected from the menu thumbnail.

Placing Landscaping

Main article: Furniture Menu: Landscaping

The Landscaping menu is a section of the Furniture Menu, and only becomes available when outdoors.

Landscaping items risk automatically disappearing if a Furniture object or Character House is placed on top of it. Since the majority of Landscaping items can be replaced for no cost, this is typically not an issue, but there are a few objects of note in the game that cannot be replaced once removed:

Underbrush Icon.png Underbrush

Trees Icon.png Trees

See also: Sticks

Rocks Icon.png Rocks

Pathing Icon.png Paths

Fencing Icon.png Fencing

  1. White Picket Fence is not tracked in the Crafting Collection