Sunlit Plateau

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Sunlit Plateau
Sunlit Plateau Screenshot.png
Unlock Cost: Dreamlight.png 7,000
Wishing Well Repair: Star Coin icon.png 7,500
Critter Type: Emerald Sunbird.png Sunbirds
Connected Biomes: Plaza

Forgotten Lands

The Sunlit Plateau is a savanna-like biome in Dreamlight Valley.

It is located on the west side of the Valley, connected to the Plaza and Forgotten Lands. It also contains the entrance to the Vitalys Mines, which unlocks during the quest Menu Icon Quests.png Nature & Nurture.

The thorns blocking the pathway to this biome can be cleared using Dreamlight.png 7,000 Dreamlight.


Points of Interest

Wishing Well

The Sunlit Plateau Wishing Well is unlocked for Star Coin icon.png 7,000. Once unlocked, it provides fast travel teleportation using the map.

Goofy's Stall

Stage Upgrade Cost Seed Unlocks Seed Price
Initial Repair Star Coin icon.png 3,000 Chili Pepper Seed

Cotton Seed

Star Coin icon.png 20

Star Coin icon.png 42

Upgrade 1 Star Coin icon.png 7,500 Zucchini Seed Star Coin icon.png 30
Upgrade 2 Star Coin icon.png 15,000 Soya Seed Star Coin icon.png 60
Rotating Ingredients

Vitalys Mine

Main article: Vitalys Mine

Opens during the quest Menu Icon Quests.png Nature & Nurture. A large series of tunnels which have a variety of mining nodes and gems like Ruby and Sapphire which can only be found inside.

Elephant Graveyard

Main article: Elephant Graveyard

An area full of bones with a large elephant skull where Scar lives.


Obstacle Clear Using Requires
Small Rock Pickaxe Menu Icon Quests.png The Royal Tools Merlin.png Menu Icon Story.png
Big Rock Pickaxe Menu Icon Quests.png The Royal Tools Merlin.png Menu Icon Story.png
Small Wildebeest Bones Shovel (Upgrade 2) Menu Icon Quests.png Breaking Bones Scar.pngFriendship 4.png
Big Wildebeest Bones Shovel (Upgrade 3) Menu Icon Quests.png The Circle of Life Scar.pngFriendship 7.png
Small Mushroom Patch Royal Watering Can (Upgrade 1) Menu Icon Quests.png A Dark Experiment Merlin.pngFriendship 8.png
Big Mushroom Patch Royal Watering Can (Upgrade 2) Menu Icon Quests.png The Final Trial Merlin.pngFriendship 10.png


Sunbirds are the critter type in this biome. Their favorite food is flowers which match their feather color - each kind of bird has a different preference - and they also like all other flowers.

To feed them, approach them normally - no special type of interaction is necessary.

Image Name Favorite Food Liked Food Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Emerald Sunbird.png
Emerald Sunbird
Green and Yellow Flowers
All Other Flowers 12 PM to 12 AM n/a All day All day n/a n/a All day
Golden Sunbird.png
Golden Sunbird
Orange and Yellow Flowers
All Other Flowers 12 AM to 12 PM n/a All day n/a All day All day n/a
Orchid Sunbird.png
Orchid Sunbird
Pink and Purple Flowers
All Other Flowers n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 9 AM to 3 PM n/a
Red Sunbird.png
Red Sunbird
Blue and Red Flowers
All Other Flowers 12 PM to 12 AM All day n/a n/a All day n/a All day
Turquoise Sunbird.png
Turquoise Sunbird
Green and Pink Flowers
All Other Flowers 12 AM to 12 PM All day n/a All day n/a All day n/a



Initially when reaching Sunlit Plateau there are no fishing pools available. After cleansing the area during the quest Menu Icon Quests.png Nature & Nurture the water will be cleared and fishing pools will appear.

Image Name Ripples Sell Price Energy
Bass None Star Coin icon.png 25 Energy.png+150
Carp[1] Blue Star Coin icon.png 400 Energy.png+800
Here and There Fish.png
Here and There Fish[2] None Star Coin icon.png 2,000 Energy.png+1,000
Perch[1] White Star Coin icon.png 80 Energy.png+400
Red Algae.png
Red Algae None Star Coin icon.png 150
Salmon[1] White Star Coin icon.png 150 Energy.png+500
Tilapia[1] Blue Star Coin icon.png 600 Energy.png+1,150
Walleye[1] Gold Star Coin icon.png 1,100 Energy.png+1,700
Seaweed None Star Coin icon.png 20 Energy.png+25
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 The quest Menu Icon Quests.png Nature & Nurture must be completed before Fishing pools appear.
  2. Requires morning or evening. Only available after progressing Menu Icon Quests.png Here and There and Back Again Nala.pngFriendship 10.png

Limited Time Fishing

Image Name Ripples Availability Sell Price Energy
Festive Salmon.png
Festive Salmon Red & Green December 18th - December 31st 2022 Energy.png+500


Image Name Sell Price Count
Hardwood Star Coin icon.png 10 12
Dry Wood.png
Dry Wood Star Coin icon.png 25 8
Cherry Star Coin icon.png 42 6 (2 Cherry Trees)
Cocoa Bean.png
Cocoa Bean Star Coin icon.png 38 12 (4 Cacao Trees)
Dreamlight Fruit.png
Dreamlight Fruit[1] Star Coin icon.png 40 3 (1 Dreamlight Tree)
Vanilla Star Coin icon.png 50 10
  1. Available after completing the quest Menu Icon Quests.png Seed of Memories Simba.pngFriendship 7.png

Limited Time Foraging

Image Name Availability Sell Price
Egg-cellent Fruit.png
Egg-cellent Fruit Eggstravaganza Star Coin icon.png 25
Wild Spring Egg.png
Wild Spring Egg Eggstravaganza Star Coin icon.png 25


Image Name Sell Price Count
Orange Houseleek.png
Orange Houseleek Star Coin icon.png 52 3
Pink Bromeliad.png
Pink Bromeliad Star Coin icon.png 27 6
Pink Houseleek.png
Pink Houseleek Star Coin icon.png 35 4
Red Bromeliad.png
Red Bromeliad Star Coin icon.png 27 6
Yellow Bromeliad.png
Yellow Bromeliad Star Coin icon.png 73 2


Image Name Sell Price
Clay Star Coin icon.png 20
Pebbles Star Coin icon.png 10
Soil Star Coin icon.png 3


Image Name Sell Price
Stone Star Coin icon.png 2
Coal Ore.png
Coal Ore Star Coin icon.png 5
Gold Nugget.png
Gold Nugget Star Coin icon.png 20
Iron Ore.png
Iron Ore Star Coin icon.png 10
Citrine Star Coin icon.png 380
Shiny Citrine.png
Shiny Citrine Star Coin icon.png 1,520
Tourmaline Star Coin icon.png 420
Shiny Tourmaline.png
Shiny Tourmaline Star Coin icon.png 1,680
Onyx Star Coin icon.png 300

Unlock Dialogue


Now I know you haven't been to the Sunlit Plateau yet. Take it from me: It's not to be missed! Of course, You'll have to remove these Night Thorns to clear the path.

→  Let's go to the Sunlit Plateau. (Use Dreamlight.png 7,000)

Good show, Player! You've cleared the way to the Sunlit Plateau!

→  Perhaps some other time.

All right. But remember: Only YOU have the power to open the blocked Biomes of the Village.