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Companions are small creatures who follow the player around. They have no function and provide no benefit, aside from following the player.

To enable/disable companions select 'Companions' inside the 'Wardrobe' option in the inventory menu.

Collecting Companions

Some companions will be available as special promotions - either through events or as rewards for limited events.

Every unique small animal (i.e. Critters) in the world can also be collected as a companion. Each critter must be fed its favorite or liked food at least twice (frequently more) to register it in the Collection. Once registered, that critter will be available as a companion inside the 'Wardrobe' option in the inventory menu.

Since only the first successful feeding per day counts towards collecting a critter, recruitment will take multiple real world days.

Critter Companions

Quest Reward Companions

Craftable Companions

Event Companions

Limited TimePremium Limited Time

Premium Companions


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.1: Ravens implemented in game, appear in Forgotten Lands. Updated image
  • 1.2: Added ability to Pet Companions
  • 1.4: Added Photo Mode options for Companions