Blue Raccoon

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Blue Raccoon
Blue Raccoon.png
Type: Menu Icon Companions.png Companion
Categories: Menu Icon Critters.png Critter

Found: Forest of Valor.png Forest of Valor
Favorite Food: Blueberry.png Blueberry
Liked Foods: Gooseberry.png Gooseberry
Raspberry.png Raspberry
Minimum Feedings: 3+

Blue Raccoon is a rare Raccoon Critter Companion.

It can be found in the Forest of Valor on Wednesdays from 4 PM to 10 PM. Its favorite food is Blueberry, and it likes Gooseberry and Raspberry. It will reject any other food.

It can be collected as a Companion by feeding it preferred foods. It must be fed a minimum of three times before it will be added to the Collection (the maximum number of times it must be fed is random). Critters can be fed multiple times per day, but only the first successful feeding will drop items and count towards collecting them or Dreamlight Duties to feed them. Once collected it is added to the Critter Collection.

It can be equipped while outside using the Wardrobe menu inside the Inventory, under the Companions category. Once equipped, it will follow the Player as they move between Biomes and wander nearby. Companions can also be photographed in unique poses using Photo Mode, or housed in the Cozy Companion Home.

Feeding Method

Watch their body language, and approach when they are relaxed. When they are alert, with their head up, remain still - otherwise, the Critter will move to a new location.


Blue Raccoon can be found at the following times in Forest of Valor. All times and days are based on the player's local system time.

Sunday n/a
Monday n/a
Tuesday n/a
Wednesday 4 PM to 10 PM
Thursday n/a
Friday n/a
Saturday n/a


Food Type Item Possible Rewards
Favorite Blueberry.png Blueberry

Dream Shard.png Dream Shard
Memory Shard.png Memory Shard
Motif Bag.png Motif Bag


Gooseberry.png Gooseberry
Raspberry.png Raspberry

Dream Shard.png Dream Shard
Memory Shard.png Memory Shard
Garlic.png Garlic (2)