Dreamlight Valley's Savior Jacket

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Dreamlight Valley's Savior Jacket
Dreamlight Valley's Savior Jacket.png
Dreamlight Valley's Savior Jacket m.png
Type: Menu Icon Clothing.png Clothing
Categories: Menu Icon Coats.png Coat
From: Played Dec 5-19 2023

Dreamlight Valley's Savior Jacket is a Dreamlight Valley themed piece of coat Clothing.

It was sent to all players who logged in during the first two weeks of the game after it left Early Access (December 5 - December 19, 2023).[1] It can be equipped using the Wardrobe tab inside the inventory, and once collected it will be added to the Dreamlight Valley Clothing Sets Collection.

In-Game Messaging

Welcome to Disney Dreamlight Valley!
Thank you for being so eager to play Disney Dreamlight Valley and our latest update, The Pumpkin King Returns!
As a special treat, find attached some exclusive rewards just for you. Feel free to proudly flaunt them when you embark on your first Valley Visit with friends!