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Clothing are items the player character can wear. These include tops, bottoms, hats, glasses, and accessories.

Clothing is unlocked by collecting and opening blue Clothing Bags, completing quests, leveling up Friendships, and leveling up as a Player. Clothing is also sold in Scrooge's Store, with new pieces being rotated in each day and a variety of permanent stock available from Scrooge's Catalog to order.

Collecting Clothing

Clothing can be collected by purchasing from Scrooge's Store or Events, finding inside Blue Clothing Bags found inside chests and resources, and as rewards from Friendship or Quests.

The most reliable method is to check Scrooge's Store each day, as the stock will rotate. Upgrading the shop will add more space for clothing, expanding the original area with two large window displays for Costumes and Wide Dresses. After purchasing a piece from Scrooge's Store it will be registered to the player wardrobe inventory, and won't be offered for sale again. Therefore, purchasing items will force new items to appear in rotation as they won't be repeated again.

Collected clothing is tracked inside the Collection Menu under the Clothing tab, and grouped by Universe.

Wearing Clothing

Clothing is managed inside the inventory menu in a tab marked 'Wardrobe'. This section contains each piece of clothing which has been collected, sorted by equipment slot. Only one piece can be worn in each slot at a time, and selecting a new piece will automatically replace what's equipped in that position.

Clothing can also be filtered by style tags inside this menu to group by specific fashion types and themes.

Additionally clothing can be customized inside the Wardrobe menu using the Touch of Magic tool, which provides a variety of base designs that can be recolored and patterned with collectible design Motifs.

Mickey & Friends.png Mickey & Friends

Permanent • Limited TimePremiumPremium Limited Time
  1. Mickey Mouse Donut Headband is not tracked in the Clothing Collection
  2. Yellow Athletic Sunglasses is tracked in the Clothing Collection for some players, but not all

The Sword in the Stone.png The Sword in the Stone

Disney.png Disney

Limited TimePremium Limited Time

WALL-E Icon.png WALL-E

Dreamlight Valley.png Dreamlight Valley

  1. Lenses of Shadows are not tracked in the Clothing Set Collection

Moana Icon.png Moana

Ratatouille Icon.png Ratatouille

Beauty and the Beast.png Beauty and the Beast

Permanent • Premium

Wreck-It Ralph.png Wreck-It Ralph

Permanent • Premium

Cinderella Icon.png Cinderella

Permanent • Premium Limited Time

The Lion King.png The Lion King

Permanent • Premium

The Little Mermaid.png The Little Mermaid

Frozen.png Frozen

Permanent • Premium

Tangled.png Tangled

Monsters, Inc..png Monsters, Inc.

Permanent • Limited TimePremium

Toy Story.png Toy Story

Permanent • PremiumPremium Limited Time
  1. White Space Gloves are not tracked in the Clothing Collection

Lilo & Stitch.png Lilo & Stitch

Permanent • Premium

The Incredibles.png The Incredibles

Limited TimePremium Limited Time

Coco.png Coco

Limited TimePremium Limited Time

Cars.png Cars

Premium Limited Time

Sleeping Beauty.png Sleeping Beauty

Premium Limited Time

Lightyear.png Lightyear

Encanto.png Encanto

Finding Nemo.png Finding Nemo

Limited TimePremium Limited Time

Turning Red.png Turning Red

Premium Limited Time

Elemental.png Elemental

Limited TimePremium Limited Time

Non-Disney-Related.png General

Permanent • Limited TimePremium Limited Time

Touch of Magic

Main article: Touch of Magic

The following clothing pieces are available to players through the Touch of Magic clothing customizer.

Most of this clothing is available when beginning the game, and these pieces are all registered to the player's Clothing Set Collection. A few pieces are unlocked after purchase at Scrooge's Store.

Face Paint

Main article: Character Customization
Permanent • Limited TimePremium Limited Time