Gamer Headphones

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Gamer Headphones
Gamer Headphones.png
Type: Menu Icon Clothing.png Clothing
Categories: Menu Icon Neckwear.png Neckwear


From: Twitch Drops

Gamer Headphones is a Monsters, Inc. themed piece of Clothing.

It is rewarded, along with Gamer Desk, to players who participate in the Twitch Drops [1] event by watching one of the eligible streamers between May 19, 2023 and May 20, 2023 for 60 minutes.

It can be equipped using the Wardrobe tab inside the inventory, and once collected it will be added to the Clothing Set Collection.

Alternate Colors

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In-Game Messaging

Your Twitch Drops Reward
Thank you for your participation in our latest Twitch Drops campaign! Here is your in-game reward for achieving one of the goals.



  • 1.4: Added
  • 1.5: Universe changed from Monsters, Inc. to Other. Item is tracked twice in the Clothing Collection, and is counted in each Universe.