Furniture Pouch

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Furniture Pouch
Furniture Pouch.png

A pouch containing furniture ownership papers.

Type: Loot Container

Furniture Pouch is a Loot Container type which awards a piece of Furniture when opened. It can also reward individual pieces of Fencing. Wallpaper, Flooring, or other crafted items have not been reported.

These bags can be awarded from a variety of sources, and are most commonly found while performing basic tasks and actions. Other available loot bag colors are Blue (for Clothing) and Yellow (for Custom Clothing Motifs).

They cannot be gifted to other Villagers.

Although the Gameloft Developers have reported that all non-quest and Friendship reward furniture items should be obtainable via Scrooge's Store, it seems as though there is a small selection of Furniture items that are only available through Furniture Pouches.