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Motifs are pre-made design patches that can be used to create custom clothing items with custom designs.

They're usually unlocked by collecting Yellow Loot Bags and opening them, by increasing a Character's Friendship level, or by purchasing them from events. At this time, they cannot be purchased with Star Coins. The most reliable way to collect Motifs is to feed Critters their favorite foods.

Motifs can be applied to clothing and wearable items when in the customization menu. They can be applied as layers, with more than one Motif able to be added as a layered image. The order of the layers can be changed after placement by clicking and dragging (holding the A button and dragging up and down on the controller).

Customizing Motifs

Motifs that have a paintbrush symbol beside the image can have the color of that motif image changed when added to a clothing and wearable item.

Mickey & Friends.png Mickey & Friends

The Sword in the Stone.png The Sword in the Stone

WALL-E Icon.png WALL-E

Moana Icon.png Moana

Ratatouille Icon.png Ratatouille

Beauty and the Beast.png Beauty and the Beast

Wreck-It Ralph.png Wreck-It Ralph

Cinderella Icon.png Cinderella

The Lion King.png The Lion King

The Little Mermaid.png The Little Mermaid

Frozen.png Frozen

Tangled.png Tangled

Monsters, Inc..png Monsters, Inc.

Toy Story.png Toy Story

Lilo & Stitch.png Lilo & Stitch

The Incredibles.png The Incredibles

Hercules Icon.png Hercules

Coco.png Coco

Cars.png Cars

Lightyear.png Lightyear

<Up.png Up

Sleeping Beauty.png Sleeping Beauty

Snow White Icon.png Snow White

Alice in Wonderland.png Alice in Wonderland

Fantasia.png Fantasia

Encanto.png Encanto

Non-Disney-Related.png Princess and the Frog

Non-Disney-Related.png Other

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 This motif has no assigned universe in-game, but is grouped here for the purposes of this wiki.