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Prices are shown when standing near or interacting with items.

Scrooge's Store is a large furniture and clothing store operated by Scrooge McDuck.

It's opened early in the game during the quest Making Cents of Things. It's located just outside the Dream Castle, where the game begins.

After opening the store its stock will change daily. The store can also be upgraded using the upgrade sign outside to add more space and open access to larger sized items/goods. After upgrading the store the Clothing featured in the window displays will be visible from outside.

Scrooge only sells items, he will not purchase them. Once items are sold there are no refunds, so buyer beware!

Daily Reset

Main article: Time.

Scrooge's Store changes stock at the same time globally each day - at 8:00 AM UTC / 3:00 AM EST / 12:00 AM PST the items in all player's stores refresh at the same time. If inside the store when the restock time happens the store's stock will not change until the player returns outside, then when re-entering the store the items inside will have refreshed.


Scrooge has a stock of basic furniture and clothing which is always available. This can be accessed by speaking to him and selecting the option to Order something. He'll ask what type of goods you're looking for (furniture or clothing), and then provide access to a wide selection sold for star coins.

In the Scrooge's clothing catalog, categories of items (ie coats, hats, etc) will disappear once all available clothing in that category has been purchased. Clothing is no longer available for sale after it has been bought.

Once a player has unlocked a piece of furniture - either by purchasing, finding in a pouch, or receiving as a reward, Scrooge will sell additional pieces to the player for coins. It is not required to have the furniture in inventory in order to order more. This is not applicable for all items. Notably, players cannot order Crafted pieces of furniture, or certain items from the world or items that are rewarded from or obtained during Quests that are limited to one (e.g. Prince Eric Statue).


Upgrading the store allows for more furniture and clothing to be available daily, and opens space to accommodate larger items like couches, beds, and gowns

Upgrade Phase Cost Effect Clothing Spaces Furniture Spaces
Opening Star Coin icon.png 1,000 Opens the store 8 8
Upgrade 1 Star Coin icon.png 10,000 Adds two large Furniture spaces upstairs and a large Clothing window display. 9 12
Upgrade 2 Star Coin icon.png 25,000 Adds one large Furniture space in the center of upstairs and a second large Clothing window display. 10 14

Store Slots

Furniture items will only appear in a certain display area of the store. These "slots" are not explicitly labeled within the name, and these are the following conventions that this wiki uses to track and convey the information gathered from the community.

Upgrade Phase Display Furniture Slot Name
Opening Tabletop Table 1 - table slot closest to the Iron Crafting Table
Opening Tabletop Table 2
Opening Tabletop Table 3
Opening Tabletop Table 4 - table slot closet to the front of the store
Opening Quad Display Back Left
Opening Quad Display Back Right
Opening Quad Display Front Left (closest to door)
Opening Quad Display Front Right
Opening Quad Display Front Half
Opening Quad Display Back Half
Upgrade 1 Upstairs Left Full
Upgrade 2 Upstairs Middle Full
Upgrade 1 Upstairs Right Full

Note that if a furniture item's default position is the Front Right, but there are only 2 items on the Quad Display, it will be positioned in the Front Left position. Similarly, if an item's default position is is Back Left, but there are only 2 items on the Quad Display, it will be positioned in the Back Right position.

There are 2 slots in each section of the Upstairs (Upstairs - Left, Upstairs - Middle, Upstairs - Right), and many items take up only one-half of of the space available. These items can be presented either filling one of the 2 slots, or may be centered and occupy both.

This is new information for the wiki, and may be refined over time. The way that information will best be conveyed for upstairs half-width display items is still under consideration.

Upgrade Phase Display Clothing Slot Name
Opening Tabletop Clothing Table 1 - table slot closest to the front of the store
Opening Tabletop Clothing Table 2
Opening Tabletop Clothing Table 3
Opening Tabletop Clothing Table 4 - table slot closet to the store desk
Opening Trio Display Front Left
Opening Trio Display Front Right
Opening Trio Display Back
Upgrade 1 Window Left Window
Upgrade 2 Window Right Window

Unlike Furniture, Clothing does not seem to have a unique slot within its display; i.e. Clothing Table items can appear in any of the four positions, Trio Display items can display on the Front Left, Front Right, or Back mannequin, and Window items can be presented in either window.


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.3: Sold Out signs added in each empty slot