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Type: Menu Icon Currency.png Currency

From: Founder's Pack

Moonstone Packs purchased with real money
Daily Moonstone Chest.png Daily Moonstone Chest
DreamSnaps.png DreamSnaps

Moonstone is a type of premium currency. A limited number of Moonstones is provided when purchasing a Founder's Pack edition of the game. Additional Moonstones can be purchased separately on all platforms. Moonstones can only be used on the same platform where they were purchased.[1]

Moonstones are used to purchase in-game cosmetic items in the Premium Shop or to activate the Premium Track during Star Path events, unlocking access to exclusive rewards. They can also be exchanged for event tokens, which can be used to purchase rewards from a Star Path event track.

Gameloft has stated that Moonstones will be used to unlock extra cosmetic items in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and spending real money is not required for the base game.[2]


Moonstones can currently be collected in the following ways:

  • Purchase a Founder's Pack (Standard: Moonstone icon.png 8,000, Deluxe: Moonstone icon.png 14,500, Ultimate: Moonstone icon.png 20,000)
  • Collect the blue Daily Moonstone Chest which spawns somewhere in the world and contains Moonstone icon.png 50 (prior to update 3; the chest rewarded Moonstone icon.png 10)
  • Trade in excess event tokens earned during events
  • Purchase additional Moonstone packs (different sized packs include different amounts)
  • Voting on DreamSnaps (max Moonstone icon.png 50 per week)
  • Rewards for DreamSnaps submission rank

Available Moonstone Packages

These can be found under the Shop tab, under the Moonstone section.

Image Title Moonstones Cost (Xbox, US)
Small Moonstone Pack Moonstone icon.png 1,200 $4.49
Regular Moonstone Pack Moonstone icon.png 2,500 $8.99
Big Moonstone Pack Moonstone icon.png 5,500 $17.99
Huge Moonstone Pack Moonstone icon.png 14,500 $44.99