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Currency is earned in a variety of ways, and different currencies can be used to buy and unlock different things in-game.

Star Coin icon.png
Star Coins Star coins are the primary currency earned from selling crops and resources. They're used to unlock villager's houses, upgrade the player's house, upgrade shops like Scrooge's Store, Chez Remy, and Goofy's Stall, as well as upgrade resource points like Moana's Boat and WALL-E's Garden. Star Coins can be earned by selling goods to Goofy's Stalls and are the currency used to buy all furniture and clothing at Scrooge's Store.
Dreamlight Dreamlight is rewarded when completing tasks in the Dreamlight Menu. Tasks have specific requirements, and must be redeemed to collect Dreamlight. Dreamlight is used to unlock new area and realms. Inside the Dream Castle each door requires Dreamlight to open, and each biome also requires Dreamlight to clear the thorns blocking the pathway to enter.
Moonstone icon.png
Moonstone Moonstones are the game's premium currency. They can be used to purchase in-game cosmetic items in the Premium Shop or to unlock premium event tracks, which reward exclusive items during Events. Moonstones are purchasable using real-life money on all platforms.
Pixar Token icon.png
Event Currency Event currency is limited time currency awarded when completing event specific tasks. This currency can only be redeemed during the current event to collect rewards, and after an event ends is no longer available and reset for the next event.