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DreamSnaps Logo.png
Type: DreamSnaps.png Recurring Event
Tool: Camera Icon.png Camera
Rewards: Moonstones
Pixel Dust

DreamSnaps Decor Reward (Decor Challenges only)
DreamSnaps Outfit Reward (Outfit Challenges only)

Unlock Quest: Menu Icon Quests.png Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust Vanellope.png
Reset Time: Wednesdays 1 PM UTC

DreamSnaps is a multiplayer weekly photo challenge. Players compete against each other by taking a photo that meets specific requirements in the Valley and submitting them to be voted by the community. Players can earn prizes, including Moonstones, Clothing and Furniture, by submitting a photo, voting on favorite submissions, and scoring or placing in the weekly challenge. Every Wednesday at 1 PM UTC, a new challenge with different requirements begins and voting opens for submissions to the previous week's challenge.

An in-game guide is available with information and platform-specific controls in the Game Guide, under the DreamSnaps.png DreamSnaps icon, which can be found under the Settings tab. The tile will be disabled until after Menu Icon Quests.png Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust.

Current Challenge Theme

Dates Title Image Mandatory Bonus
2024-07-17 - 2024-07-24 DreamSnaps Annual Celebration
DreamSnaps Challenge DreamSnaps Annual Celebration.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] It's the one-year anniversary of DreamSnaps! Host a grand party to celebrate the occasion with as many Villagers as possible, balloons, decorations, fireworks, and your own unique style!

The DreamSnaps Filter

For player convenience, a filter is provided at the top of the Wardrobe or Furniture Menu, depending on type of Weekly Challenge (Outfit vs. Decor). Selecting this filter will show only items in Inventory that meet one or more of the Weekly Challenge requirements. However, if you select Filters normally, you'll notice that no filters are selected -- this is because the DreamSnaps filter filters items differently. Typically when Traits filters are selected, both specified Traits must be satisfied in order for the item to display in the results, but the DreamSnaps filter will display items with one or more Traits. For example, if the Weekly Challenge Suggested Traits are Simple and Playful Furniture, enabling DreamSnaps filter will show Furniture items that are either Simple, or Playful, or both. Using the standard Filters to select Simple and Playful will only display items that are both Simple and Playful. This filter is only available in player Inventory; it is not available when purchasing items from Scrooge's Catalog.

Submitting a Photo

DreamSnaps Weekly Challenge requirements can be found under the Event menu, on an expandable section underneath the currently active Star Path.

After taking a photo using the Phone in Photo Mode, a Show DreamSnaps option will display in the lower left corner of the screen paired with the relevant console control. Players can use this option to check the photo against the weekly challenge requirements. It will not display until after a photo has been taken. If the photo satisfies the mandatory challenge requirements, the option to submit will be available. If the photo contains any Touch of Magic Clothing or Furniture items, even if they are not visible (for instance, a custom Basic Tank Top covered by a Coat) the submission will be rejected.

These steps can be repeated to submit a different photo during the week, which will replace the previously submitted photo. Only one photo will be submitted per week. The current Design Challenge Submission can be viewed by selecting Check Submission when on the Current Challenge page (control will display in the bottom right corner of the screen). While the photo submission itself can be viewed, the requirement fulfillment values will not; these values are ONLY visible immediately prior to submitting the photo. At the end of the week, at the designated reset time, the last photo submitted will be entered for voting.


To vote on other player submissions, on the Event tab, select the Vote Now button (control will display in the bottom right corner of the screen). 2 photos are presented, and the player can choose their preferred option. Photos are presented without any usernames, QR codes, or otherwise identifying information. There is no way to specifically find a photo and vote for it - players can only vote for the photos that they are randomly presented. Moonstone icon.png 5 Moonstones are rewarded for voting on each pair of photos. These Moonstones are rewarded live and their Claimed status can be monitored on the Event tab. Players can earn up to Moonstone icon.png 50 Moonstones by voting on submissions during each week (10 photo sets). In the Arcade Edition, players earn Star Coin icon.png 50 Star Coins per vote, for a maximum of Star Coin icon.png 500 Star Coins. Players can continue to vote on additional photos, but will not earn beyond these specified values per week.


Rewards are sent via the in-game mailbox a week after the theme submission ends, when the voting week has completed. Exact mechanics are unknown, but the Submission Score seems to be based on adherence to the Mandatory and Suggested filters, in addition to factoring in Rank, and translates to the amount of Pixel Dust rewarded. The Rank is based on how many other players voted for your submission. The Reward Chest is likely based on participation.

Item Detection

Outfit Challenges

Clothing items that the player's Avatar is currently wearing are counted, even if the items or the Avatar itself are not captured in the image frame (e.g. a Selfie only showing the top half of an outfit, Shoes obscured by a Dress, etc.). For some item types, multiple can be applied at once (i.e. necklaces and scarves), so it may benefit the player to maximize the number of worn items. A Costume or Dress will override Tops, Skirts, and Shorts. Hairstyle color does not count towards color requirements. Clothing items on Mannequins are not counted towards requirements.

Decor Challenges

Unique furniture items in a certain angled range of "view" of the camera are counted, and this range of view can even extend into different Biomes. This is true even if different Image Formats are used (i.e. Square, Portrait, Landscape). Only one item of each type is counted - duplicate items do not count towards totals. Only the Mandatory requirement totals will display. Items do not necessarily need to be visible in order to be counted; if a smaller item is behind a larger item, it will still be included. It seems that the entirety of the item must be within the range in order to count towards the totals.


Claiming Rewards

In order to receive a reward for a submitted DreamSnap, players must log in within the 7 days after the voting period finishes. Rewards are delivered via in-game messages, at a Mailbox. If players do not log in during that time period, there is no way to claim rewards or view results for that particular challenge. If no DreamSnaps rewards are received within a few hours after logging in on the first day of the reward redemption period, players are advised to submit a support ticket to Gameloft.


For each Challenge, Players earn Moonstones based on their rankings from other player votes. Players earn a minimum of Moonstone icon.png 300 by submitting a photo, and the top five designers can earn up to Moonstone icon.png 12,000. Players on all platforms except for PlayStation are ranked against one another. PlayStation players have a separate ranking pool, but use the same percentile-based thresholds for Moonstones rewards.

These are findings are approximate values based on community data collection.

Rank Percentile[1] Reward
Baseline Moonstone icon.png 300
Top 70% Moonstone icon.png 600
Top 55% Moonstone icon.png 900
Top 40% Moonstone icon.png 1,200
Top 20% Moonstone icon.png 1,500
Top 12.5% Moonstone icon.png 2,500
Top 7.5% Moonstone icon.png 4,000
5 Moonstone icon.png 5,500[2]
4 Moonstone icon.png 7,000
3 Moonstone icon.png 8,500
2 Moonstone icon.png 10,000
1 Moonstone icon.png 12,000
  1. Approximate values based on community data collection
  2. Official DreamSnaps Update Release Notes indicated 5500+ Moonstones.

Clothing or Furniture

Each challenge also rewards either a DreamSnaps Outfit Reward chest or a DreamSnaps Decor Reward chest (outfit challenges award the Outfit Reward and decor challenges award the Decor Reward). Each reward chest contains 3 random clothing (Outfit Reward) or furniture (Decor Reward).

Pixel Dust

Pixel Dust is rewarded based on the following formula:

Pixel Dust.png Pixel Dust = Ceiling(Score) + 100

Pixel Dust Rewards

Players earn Pixel Dust based on their submission score to advance the Pixel Dust reward track.

DreamSnaps will reward the following items when Pixel Dust levels are reached.

Lvl Image Name Type
Pixel Dust 2.png
DreamSnaps Loafers.png
DreamSnaps Loafers Clothing
Pixel Dust 3.png
DreamSnaps Paintbrush Motif.png
Design Motif Motif
Pixel Dust 4.png
DreamSnaps Pants.png
DreamSnaps Pants Clothing
Pixel Dust 5.png
Moonstone icon.png 2,000
Pixel Dust 6.png
Splatter Motif.png
Design Motif Motif
Pixel Dust 7.png
DreamSnaps Long Sleeve Shirt.png
DreamSnaps Long Sleeve Shirt Clothing
Pixel Dust 8.png
DreamSnaps Icon Motif.png
Design Motif Motif
Pixel Dust 9.png
Moonstone icon.png 4,000
Pixel Dust 10.png
DreamSnaps Trophy.png
DreamSnaps Trophy Furniture

Weekly Challenge Themes

Previous Weekly Challenge Themes and dates are shown in the table below.

# Dates Title Image / Description Mandatory Bonus
52 2024-07-10 - 2024-07-17 Timeless Magical Style
DreamSnaps Challenge Timeless Magical Style.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Channel your inner Merlin as you dress to embody your timeless, magical persona. Create a look that suggests you've been around for a thousand years.

51 2024-07-03 - 2024-07-10 Dreamlight Art Gallery
DreamSnaps Challenge Dreamlight Art Gallery.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] You are formally invited to the opening (and creation) of your very own Dreamlight Art Gallery! Curate a collection of paintings, sculptures, furniture and decor that will have the art critics of the Valley swooning.

50 2024-06-26 - 2024-07-03 Stitch-able Fashion
DreamSnaps Challenge Stitch-able Fashion.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Celebrate everyone's favorite fluffy blue alien with a Stitch-inspired ensemble! Make sure your look's goodness level is high!

49 2024-06-19 - 2024-06-26 Sugary Style
DreamSnaps Challenge Sugary Style.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Time to get sweet and stylish! Put together an outfit inspired by your favorite candy.

48 2024-06-12 - 2024-06-19 Dreamlight Market
DreamSnaps Challenge Dreamlight Market.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] It's time to make the market of your dreams! Design your very own market area where your Villagers can buy fresh fruit and vegetables and come together as a community!

47 2024-06-05 - 2024-06-12 Cooking with Friends
DreamSnaps Challenge Cooking with Friends.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Question: Whether you're cooking with them or for them, what's better than sharing food with your Valley bestie? Answer: Dressing up for it!

46 2024-05-29 - 2024-06-05 Treasure Trove
DreamSnaps Challenge Treasure Trove.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Embrace this golden opportunity to turn somewhere in your Valley into your personal secret treasure stash!

45 2024-05-22 - 2024-05-29 Your Luxe Look
DreamSnaps Challenge Your Luxe Look.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Think glamour. Think gold. Think riches. Dress up in a style so luxurious that Scrooge McDuck himself would be impressed!

44 2024-05-15 - 2024-05-22 Theme Park Snack Bar
DreamSnaps Challenge Theme Park Snack Bar.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Feeling hungry? Create a deliciously decorated theme park snack bar, alley, or food court where guests can taste the best of the best!

43 2024-05-08 - 2024-05-15 Top It All Off
DreamSnaps Challenge Top It All Off.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] This outfit challenge is tops! It's time to show off your favorite Valley headgear (think hats, tiaras, headscarves, and beyond!) along with an outfit to complete the look.

42 2024-05-01 - 2024-05-08 Royal Celebration
DreamSnaps Challenge Royal Celebration.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Decorate your Valley in a manner fit for a festival of royalty. Make it lavish, make it elegant, make it you!

41 2024-04-24 - 2024-05-01 In Bloom
DreamSnaps Challenge WALL-E's Garden.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] It's time to welcome springtime vibes to the Valley. Create a decorative scene filled with blooming and blossoming flowers!

40 2024-04-17 - 2024-04-24 Monster-sona
DreamSnaps Challenge Monster-sona.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] It's time to let your inner monster out! Style an outfit to show off your monstrous side. Get inspired by Monsters, Inc. or go your own way -- just make it weird and wondrous!

39 2024-04-10 - 2024-04-17 Moana's Village
DreamSnaps Challenge Moana's Village.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Get into an island groove! Dress up your Village with decor inspired by the world of Moana.

38 2024-04-03 - 2024-04-10 Superhero for a Day
DreamSnaps Challenge Superhero for a Day.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Bam! Pow! Bang! Show off your super style in this week's DreamSnaps outfit challenge!

37 2024-03-27 - 2024-04-03 Ancient Aesthetics
DreamSnaps Challenge Ancient Aesthetics.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] It's time to get old (old, OLD) school. Decorate with the past as your inspiration. Everything from Merlin to mythology is on the table.

36 2024-03-20 - 2024-03-27 Chill Summer
DreamSnaps Challenge Chill Summer.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Escape winter's chill with a cool summery outfit! Combine summer and winter clothes to create your unique look.

35 2024-03-13 - 2024-03-20 DIY Theme Park
DreamSnaps Challenge DIY Theme Park.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Decorate your Valley by turning it into the theme park of your dreams!

34 2024-03-06 - 2024-03-13 Fur, Feathers, Scales
DreamSnaps Challenge Fur Feathers Scales.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Fur, feathers or scales? Create an outfit inspired by your favorite pet in the Valley!

33 2024-02-28 - 2024-03-06 Villainous Lair
DreamSnaps Challenge Villainous Lair.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Make a villainous lair with flair! Decorate part of your Valley and transform it into your very own villainous den!

32 2024-02-21 - 2024-02-28 Savanna Style
DreamSnaps Challenge Savanna Style.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] We want to hear you roar! This week, dress up in a look inspired by The Lion King. Get bold, strut your stuff, and live Hakuna Matata!

31 2024-02-14 - 2024-02-21 Minnie Mouse's Festival of Hearts
DreamSnaps Challenge Minnie Mouse's Festival of Hearts.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Celebrate best friendships and sweethearts in the Valley! Decorate with cute decor and rosy hues to share the love this week.

30 2024-02-07 - 2024-02-14 Freestyle!
DreamSnaps Challenge Freestyle.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Let your personality shine and share your favorite Valley outfit.

29 2024-01-31 - 2024-02-07 It Came from Outer Space
DreamSnaps Challenge It Came from Outer Space.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Decorate your Village -- and make sure it's out of this world for this sci-fi-themed challenge!

28 2024-01-24 - 2024-01-31 Sports Savvy
DreamSnaps Challenge Sports Savvy.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Flex your fashion muscles and go for gold! Show off your spectacular sporty style in this outfit challenge.

27 2024-01-17 - 2024-01-24 Arendelle Showcase
DreamSnaps Challenge Arendelle Showcase.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Transport yourself to Arendelle! Decorate your Valley with Frozen-inspired designs.

26 2024-01-10 - 2024-01-17 Winter's Here!
DreamSnaps Challenge Winter's Here.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Brrr! Time to bundle up and share your warmest winter fashions.

25 2024-01-03 - 2024-01-10 Out of the Toy Box
DreamSnaps Challenge Out of the Toy Box.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] To DreamSnaps -- and beyond! Decorate your Valley with decorations inspired by Toy Story.

24 2023-12-27 - 2024-01-03 A Day at Disney
DreamSnaps Challenge A Day at Disney.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] What would YOU wear to visit your favorite Disney park? Put together a parks-ready look!

23 2023-12-20 - 2023-12-27 Holiday Cheer
DreamSnaps Challenge Holiday Cheer.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Spread a little holiday cheer as you decorate your Valley.

22 2023-12-13 - 2023-12-20 Under the Sea
DreamSnaps Challenge Under the Sea.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Bring some underwater inspiration to your Valley decor.

21 2023-12-06 - 2023-12-13 Jean Dreams
DreamSnaps Challenge Jean Dreams.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Showcase your true blue! Put together an outfit featuring denim.

20 2023-11-29 - 2023-12-06 Dreamers Unite
DreamSnaps Challenge Dreamers Unite.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] It takes a village to make something great -- celebrate what makes your Valley unique with the DDV community in this DreamSnaps challenge![1]

19 2023-11-122 - 2023-11-29 Haus of Mouse
DreamSnaps Challenge Haus of Mouse.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Break out your favorite costume ears! It's time to dress in looks inspired by Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse!

18 2023-11-15 - 2023-11-22 Camp Dreamlight
DreamSnaps Challenge Camp Dreamlight.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Whether you're heading to summer camp or stargazing, this challenge is all about spending time in the great outdoors.

17 2023-11-08 - 2023-11-15 WALL-E's Garden
DreamSnaps Challenge WALL-E's Garden.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Spend some quality time with your favorite robot Villager and his favorite place -- the garden!

16 2023-11-01 - 2023-11-08 Something Wicked
DreamSnaps Challenge Something Wicked.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Channel your favorite villain and transform the Valley into your very own domain.

15 2023-10-25 - 2023-11-01 Trick or Treat!
DreamSnaps Challenge Trick or Treat.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Time to get sweet or scary with this Halloween-themed challenge. (Why not both?) Costumes encouraged!

14 2023-10-18 - 2023-10-25 Bedroom Beauty
DreamSnaps Challenge Bedroom Beauty.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Don't sleep on this DreamSnaps theme -- show the community your most beautiful and elegant bedroom!

13 2023-10-11 - 2023-10-18 Swashbuckle 'n' Swagger
DreamSnaps Challenge Swashbuckle 'n' Swagger.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Avast! It's time to set your sights on the horizon, shiver your timbers, and put on your pirate-y best![2]

12 2023-10-04 - 2023-10-11 Frightfully Festive
DreamSnaps Challenge Frightfully Festive.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Have a holly jolly haunting in your Valley as you celebrate The Nightmare Before Christmas.

11 2023-09-27 - 2023-10-04 Fun with Fall
DreamSnaps Challenge Fun with Fall.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Celebrate everything autumn -- changing leaves, cozy sweaters, the harvest, and pumpkins.

10 2023-09-20 - 2023-09-27 Critter Love
DreamSnaps Challenge Critter Love.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Show a little love for the Valley's animal companions with designs and styles inspired by your favorite critter.

9 2023-09-13 - 2023-09-20 Dapper Delights
DreamSnaps Challenge Dapper Delights.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Stroll through your Valley in elegant fashions inspired by the early 1900s -- the more theatrical, the better!

8 2023-09-06 - 2023-09-13 Dreamy Kitchen
DreamSnaps Challenge Dreamy Kitchen.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] What's Cooking? Your best and most stylish kitchen designs.

7 2023-08-30 - 2023-09-06 Forget Me Not
DreamSnaps Challenge Forget Me Not.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Channel your dark side with outfits based on the Forgetting -- think Night Thorns and shadows...

6 2023-08-23 - 2023-08-30 Dreamers Unite
DreamSnaps Challenge Dreamers Unite.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] It takes a village to make something great -- celebrate what makes your Valley unique with the DDV community in this DreamSnaps challenge!

5 2023-08-16 - 2023-08-23 Rainbows
DreamSnaps Challenge Rainbows.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Celebrate yourself and your community with your best and brightest rainbow-themed designs.

4 2023-08-09 - 2023-08-16 Fire and Water
DreamSnaps Challenge Fire and Water.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] Things are getting elemental! Show off your best designs featuring both Fire and Water.

3 2023-08-02 - 2023-08-09 Earth and Air
DreamSnaps Challenge Earth and Air.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Explore your elemental side, with designs featuring Earth and Air.

2 2023-07-26 - 2023-08-02 Ocean Views
DreamSnaps Challenge Ocean Views.png

[DECOR CHALLENGE] It's time to celebrate all things sun and surf in this showcase of your best beach day designs.

1 2023-07-19 - 2023-07-26 The Dreamlight Ball
DreamSnaps Challenge The Dreamlight Ball.png

[OUTFIT CHALLENGE] Dress to impress and create regal designs as you throw your very own Dreamlight Ball.

(Menu Icon Quests.png Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust Vanellope.png)
Start Your Engines!
DreamSnaps Challenge Start Your Engines.png

Cross the finish line by decorating in tribute to everyone's favorite racing princess, Vanellope von Schweetz! To begin, check the challenge requirements in the DreamSnaps tab in the events menu. Decorate an area in your Valley with furniture that uses the required challenge Tags. Snap a photo with your phone and submit it to DreamSnaps.

  1. A Gameloft representative confirmed on Discord that this repeated DreamSnaps theme is intended, not a bug.
  2. This DreamSnaps theme was revealed in-game to many users 1 day prematurely (2023-10-10) via the News Feed.

In-Game Messaging

When a Weekly Challenge ends, a message like the following is delivered to the Player's Mailbox:

Rewards for the "<<Weekly Theme Name>>" DreamSnaps challenge
Thank you for playing the "<<Weekly Theme Name>>" challenge and sharing your creativity with other Disney Dreamlight Valley players.
You scored XX.XX and ranked XXXX! You can claim XXX Moonstones and will receive XXX Pixel Dust. Pretty cool, huh?



  • 1.6: Added
  • 1.9: Added additional UI on Event pages. Label changed from Suggested to Bonus. Dreamsnaps Filter UI changed within Wardrobe menu and Furniture menu.