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Lightyear light.png Lightyear
Lightyear large.png
Type: Universe

From: Lightyear (2022 film)

Lightyear is a universe in Disney Dreamlight Valley based on the 2022 animated film Lightyear.

It stars Buzz Lightyear operating as a space ranger who, after being marooned on a hostile planet with his commander and crew, tries to find a way back home while encountering a threat to the universe's safety.

Menu Icon Characters.png Characters

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There are currently no characters from Lightyear in game.

Menu Icon Furniture.png Furniture

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Menu Icon Clothing.png Clothing

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Menu Icon Wallpaper.png Wallpaper

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There is currently no wallpaper from Lightyear in game.

Menu Icon Flooring.png Flooring

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There is currently no flooring from Lightyear in game.

Motifs Icon.png Motifs

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Menu Icon Memories.png Memories

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There are currently no memories from Lightyear in game.


  1. This motif has no assigned universe in-game, but is grouped here for the purposes of this wiki.