WALL-E (Universe)

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WALL-E light.png WALL-E
WALL-E Memory 2.png
Type: Universe

From: WALL-E (2008 Film)

WALL-E is a universe in Disney Dreamlight Valley based on the 2008 animated film WALL-E.

It's a story set in a post-apocalyptic future where garbage has covered the earth, and features the clean up robot character WALL-E.

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WALL-E Memory 1.png
Broken Memory Pieces 2.png
Memory Icon digging.png
Find exclusive Memory Pieces when digging
WALL-E Memory 2.png
Broken Memory Pieces 1.png
Memory Icon gardening.png
Find exclusive Memory Pieces when gardening
WALL-E Memory 3.png
Broken Memory Pieces 10.png
Memory Icon fishing.png
Find exclusive Memory Pieces when fishing
WALL-E Memory 4.png
Broken Memory Pieces 9.png
Memory Icon cooking.png
Find exclusive Memory Pieces when cooking
WALL-E Memory 5.png
Broken Memory Pieces 8.png
Memory Icon thorns.png
Find exclusive Memory Pieces when removing small Night Thorns