Alice in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland light.png Alice in Wonderland
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Type: Universe
From: Alice in Wonderland (1951 film)

Alice in Wonderland is a universe in Disney Dreamlight Valley based on the Disney animated film Alice in Wonderland (1951).

The film stars Alice, a girl who falls down a rabbit hole to enter Wonderland, ruled by the Queen of Hearts. Along the way, she encounters the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, and other wacky residents of Wonderland.

Menu Icon Characters.png Characters

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There are currently no characters from Alice in Wonderland in game.

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There is currently no furniture from Alice in Wonderland in game.

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  1. Pink & Purple Umbrella is not tracked in the Clothing Set Collection, and has no assigned universe

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There are currently no memories from Alice in Wonderland in game.