Red Candy

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Red Candy
Red Candy.png

A sweet sugar confectionery to brighten your day.

Type: Menu Icon Meals.png Meal
Categories: Villains Token.png Limited Time
Placement: 1x1 (Surfaces)
Sells for: Star Coin icon.png 22
Energy: Energy.png+123
Found: Plaza.png Plaza
From: Orange Trick-or-Treater's Bounty.png Halloween Candy Buckets

Red Candy is a limited-time one-star Dessert Meal that was found in sparkling Orange Trick-or-Treater's Bounty containers in the Plaza during the Halloween Event, which ran from October 24-31, 2022. Gameloft confirmed that a bug has prevented it from spawning for the 2023 Halloween Event.

Once collected it will not be added to the Meals Collection. Eating one is an objective of the Village Task Villains Token.png A 3-Course Halloween Meal!, which requires eating one of each of the three colors of limited-time candy: Green, Purple, and Red.

Meals can be placed in the world by highlighting them inside the Inventory window and selecting Drop. After a meal has been removed from inventory it can be positioned using furniture placement mode.

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Item Distribution

Red Candy was given to players via an in-game mail message on October 26, 2023.

In-Game Messaging

Something Stuck in the Mailbox: Red Candy
Hey, Valley Villagers!
Our Halloween event is in full swing until October 31st. Unfortunately, a glitch has prevented Red Candy spawns. we'd like to express our gratitude for your patience as we clean up some Night Thorns in our servers. As a token of our appreciation, we're sending you a bundle of Red Candy. Enjoy!