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The Player refers to the playable character in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Avatar Customization

Main article: Avatar Customization

When beginning a new game players can select how they look - with a variety of appearances, body types and hairstyles to select from. These options can be changed after the game has started inside the wardrobe menu.

The Player's House

Main article: The Player's House

The player's house is the space where the player begins the game. It's a space which can be redecorated using furniture mode, and the walls, floors, furniture, and decorations can all be adjusted.

Player Levels

Performing any action which rewards Friendship will earn experience points. Even if the Player is expending Energy doing activities around the Village, no experience will be gained unless they are Hanging Out with a Villager Companion. At specific milestones the player will gain a level, increasing their Energy bar and unlocking a reward. Each level adds 25 Energy.png Maximum Energy to the energy bar, which starts at 1000 blue/1500 gold energy energy and caps at 2000 blue/3000 gold energy at level 40.

Some actions, like completing quests earn a large amount of XP. The current maximum player level is 40.

Level Rewards

Level Reward Image
2 Diamond-Patterned Mahogany Flooring
Diamond-Patterned Mahogany Flooring.png
3 Gilded Soaring Clouds Wall
Gilded Soaring Clouds Wall.png
4 Celestial Bed
Celestial Bed.png
5 Celestial Stained Glass Window
Celestial Stained Glass Window.png
6 Golden Plant
Golden Plant.png
7 Wooden Puzzle Flooring
Wooden Puzzle Flooring.png
8 Astral Boots
Astral Boots.png
9 Grand Skirt
Grand Skirt.png
10 Eerie Wood Paneling Wall
Eerie Wood Paneling Wall.png
11 Celestial Pennant Light
Celestial Pennant Light.png
12 Strawberry and Chocolate Sprinkle Flooring
Strawberry and Chocolate Sprinkle Flooring.png
13 Grand Jacket
Grand Jacket.png
14 Celestial-Balance Tile Flooring
Celestial-Balance Tile Flooring.png
15 Purple Starry Night Wallpaper
Purple Starry Night Wallpaper.png
16 Celestial-Sunshine Tile Flooring
Celestial-Sunshine Tile Flooring.png
17 Celestial Door
Celestial Door.png
18 Sun-and-Moon Crown
Sun-and-Moon Crown.png
19 Caramel-Covered Strawberry-Chocolate Cake Wall
Caramel-Covered Strawberry-Chocolate Cake Wall.png
20 Celestial Dresser
Celestial Dresser.png
21 Gold-Trimmed Gray Stone Wallpaper
Gold-Trimmed Gray Stone Wallpaper.png
22 Sparkly Wings
Sparkly Wings.png
23 Celestial Splendor Wall
Celestial Splendor Wall.png
24 Celestial Fireplace
Celestial Fireplace.png
25 Celestial Pillar
Celestial Pillar.png
26 Nightmarish Wall Sconce
Nightmarish Wall Sconce.png
27 Dusky Floral Arrangement
Dusky Floral Arrangement.png
28 Thorny Door
Thorny Door.png
29 Nightmarish Boots
Nightmarish Boots.png
30 Eerie Mauve Marbled Flooring
Eerie Mauve Marbled Flooring.png
31 Thorny Pants
Thorny Pants.png
32 Intricate Thorn and Lattice Wall
Intricate Thorn and Lattice Wall.png
33 Thorny Stained Glass Window
Thorny Stained Glass Window.png
34 Thorny Wardrobe
Thorny Wardrobe.png
35 Thorn-Laden Jacket
Thorn-Laden Jacket.png
36 Thorny Fireplace
Thorny Fireplace.png
37 Thorny Pillar
Thorny Pillar.png
38 Thorny Wings
Thorny Wings.png
39 Thorny Bed
Thorny Bed.png
40 Onyx Crown
Onyx Crown.png