Player's House

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Player's House
Dreamlight Valley
Yellow Gablefront House.png
Residents: The Player
Found: Plaza.png Plaza

The Player's House is a Character House where The Player lives. The game begins in front of the Player's House and the introductory quest Menu Icon Quests.png Welcome to Dreamlight Valley requires removing Night Thorns from inside. It can be redecorated using furniture placement mode, and the walls, floors, and furniture can all be adjusted.

It will already be placed when beginning a new game and is found in the northwest quadrant of the Plaza. It can be placed anywhere in the Village on land.


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Time Location
Icon Valley.png
All day Open and available.

Environment Items


This location is involved in the following quests:

Story Quests

Friendship Quests

Dream Styles

Style Name Unlocked
Yellow Gablefront House.png
Yellow Gablefront House Default style
Green Gablefront House.png
Green Gablefront House Automatically unlocked
White Gablefront House.png
White Gablefront House Automatically unlocked
Blue Gablefront House.png
Blue Gablefront House Automatically unlocked
Purple Gablefront House.png
Purple Gablefront House Automatically unlocked
Orange Gablefront House.png
Orange Gablefront House Automatically unlocked
Palace Premium Shop for Moonstone icon.png 3,750
Purple Cottage.png
Purple Cottage Premium Shop for Moonstone icon.png 3,000


After completing the quest Dreamlight Valley Economy 101 the ability to upgrade the house will unlock and Scrooge will install an elevator pad which will allow travel to a second floor.

Main Room Upgrades

Upgrading the size of the main room can be done three times;

Additional Rooms

  • 6x6 Room - Star Coin icon.png 1,000
  • 8x8 Room - Star Coin icon.png 2,000
  • 10x10 Room - Star Coin icon.png 3,000

The size of additional rooms can be changed after initial purchase, but must be purchased separately in a one-time fee. For example, if you purchase a room and choose 6x6, you'll pay 1000. You can later upgrade to 10x10, but you must pay 3000. If you wish to switch that room back to 6x6, you may do so without a charge. When the size of an additional room is made smaller, all furniture is removed and put into the Player's inventory.

Exterior Upgrades

Exterior upgrades can be done at the Upgrade Sign outside the house. There are three upgrades, and each adds to the player storage inside their house storage chest and changes the outside appearance of the house.

Image Description Shared Storage Trunk
Maximum Items
Cost Effects
Initial Repair 8 Automatically unlocked
External Upgrade 1 16 Star Coin icon.png 2,000
External Upgrade 2 24? 32? Star Coin icon.png 20,000 Ability to add second floor unlocked, requires ALL 3 of connecting rooms on previous floor to have been purchased (any size)
Yellow Gablefront House.png
External Upgrade 3 32? 40? Star Coin icon.png 75,000

Additional Floors

Additional floors can be added up to a total of 20 floors, and each floor can have up to 4 rooms.

  • Floor 1 - Free
  • Floor 2 - Star Coin icon.png 3,000
  • Floor 3 - Star Coin icon.png 4,500
  • Floor 4 - Star Coin icon.png 6,800
  • Floor 5 - Star Coin icon.png 10,200
  • Floor 6 - Star Coin icon.png 15,300
  • Floor 7 - Star Coin icon.png 23,000
  • Floor 8 - Star Coin icon.png 34,500
  • Floor 9 - Star Coin icon.png 51,800
  • Floor 10 - Star Coin icon.png 77,700
  • Floor 11 - Star Coin icon.png 117,000
  • Floor 12 - Star Coin icon.png 176,000
  • Floor 13 - Star Coin icon.png 264,000
  • Floor 14 - Star Coin icon.png 396,000
  • Floor 15 - Star Coin icon.png 594,000
  • Floor 16 - Star Coin icon.png 891,000
  • Floor 17 - Star Coin icon.png 1,000,000
  • Floor 18 - Star Coin icon.png 1,000,000
  • Floor 19 - Star Coin icon.png 1,000,000
  • Floor 20 - Star Coin icon.png 1,000,000


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.3: Added Dream Styles to allow house recoloring and reskinning