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The Yellow Energy bar from eating Meals

Energy is a resource represented by a blue cloud icon. It's tracked in a blue/yellow bar under the player experience bar, and depletes each time the player performs an action - such as watering, digging, planting, mining, clearing thorns or fishing.

Energy can be restored by entering your house, by eating food - either raw ingredients or meals, or by sitting on a bench or chair. Eating prepared meals can buff Energy beyond the limit of the blue bar's maximum, which is referred to as the "Well Fed Bonus". Restarting the game will restore the Player's energy so that the blue bar is filled, but will save and maintain the current level of Well Fed Bonus.

Energy usage does not change based on what type of crop is being planted, the biome, digging sparkling holes vs. normal holes, or casting into a colored ripple vs. open water.

When the Player has run out of energy they'll be unable to take some actions until they eat or they return to their House to replenish their energy. The player will see a displayed message in the middle of the screen, "Eat some food or go back to your House to refill your Energy.", accompanied by icons depicting Energy with a plus sign, eating an apple, and returning to the House in a thought bubble above the Player's head.

Well Fed Bonus and Sprint

Main article: Bonuses

The Well Fed Bonus occurs when the Player eats prepared Meals which cause the total energy to exceed the standard capacity of the energy meter. When this Bonus is active, the excess energy level will display in a yellow bar on top of the the blue meter. The yellow bar holds 1.5x the amount of the blue bar - but actions cost the same regardless of if the bar is buffed blue or yellow. It only appears the yellow bar decreases more slowly because it holds 50% more energy.

When the Well Fed Bonus is active, two additional speeds of locomotion become available to the Player. The Player can run at a faster speed for no extra energy expenditure, or the option to glide/hover using Sprint is available, which will quickly expend Energy.

Max Energy

Players begin the game with 1000 max energy, and their yellow bar can hold 1.5x that amount. Each level the player gains will add 25 energy to their blue bar maximum, up to 2000 max energy at level 40 (and a yellow bar capacity of 3000). Together, fully replenished with yellow meal energy at max level the player will have 5000 max energy (2000 blue and 3000 yellow).

Energy does not overcap, so once it reaches the maximum any extra energy from food will be lost. Consequently, the maximum amount of energy that any meal can have is 5000, even if the sum of its ingredients would put the calculation higher (e.g. a Large Seafood Platter made with 3 or more Lobsters).

Energy Cost

Different actions consume different amounts of Energy. Action costs do not change based on location, having companions, energy bar color, or player level.

Reducing Cost

There are two Village Project quests which can reduce the energy cost of actions - specifically Moana's Boat reduces energy cost of fishing by 2% each upgrade level (to a maximum of -20% energy for fishing) and WALL-E's Garden (which reduces the energy cost of both Digging and Planting Seeds by 2% per upgrade level (to a maximum of -20% energy for both digging and planting).

Cost of Actions

Action Energy Cost Note
Digging Energy.png 50-40 Each Upgrade to WALL-E's Garden reduces cost by 2%, capping at 20% reduction at level 10, reducing cost by Energy (10)
Fishing Energy.png 150-120 Each Upgrade to Moana's Boat reduces cost by 2%, capping at 20% reduction at level 10, reducing cost by Energy (30)
Foraging Energy.png 0
Harvesting Energy.png 0
Planting Energy.png 25-20 Each Upgrade to WALL-E's Garden reduces cost by 2%, capping at 20% reduction at level 10, reducing cost by Energy (5)
Mining Energy.png 40
Removing Night Thorns Energy.png 25
Timebending TBA
Watering Energy.png 25 Decrements energy even if no item is watered


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.1: Added exhaustion visual effects
  • 1.2.0: Removed exhaustion visual effects
  • 1.4: Energy slowly restores when sitting