Dream Shard

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Dream Shard
Dream Shard.png

A crystallized form of Dreamlight magic.

Type: Menu Icon Foraging.png Foraging
Categories: Menu Icon Crafting.png Crafting Material

Found: Menu Icon Digging.png Dig sparkling spots

Menu Icon Critters.png Feeding critters

  • Remove Night Thorns

Dream Shard is a foraged material which can be found in all biomes.

They can be found by removing Night Thorns, digging sparkling spots on the ground, or by feeding favorite foods to Critters.

They cannot be placed on surfaces; they can only be placed on the ground.


Dream Shard is a required material in the following crafting recipes.

Image Name Crafting Recipe
Purified Night Shard.png
Purified Night Shard

Night Shard.png Night Shard (5)
Dream Shard.png Dream Shard