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Flooring is patterns that can be applied to the floors inside the player's house.

It can be collected from leveling up and by purchasing from the rotating stock inside Scrooge's Store.

Mickey & Friends.png Mickey & Friends

The Sword in the Stone.png The Sword in the Stone

WALL-E (Universe).png WALL-E

Wreck-It Ralph.png Wreck-It Ralph

Cinderella (Universe).png Cinderella

Toy Story.png Toy Story

Lilo & Stitch.png Lilo & Stitch

Encanto.png Encanto

Other.png Other


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.5: Added to Furniture Collection, previously was not tracked. Does not seem to apply to existing items (other than Founder's Pack items), only items purchased (or re-purchased) after Update 5. Bug introduced: Details of Wallpaper and Flooring items do not display properly in window when previewing item for purchase in Scrooge's Store.
  • 1.6: Bug fix: Item visuals and names now match in Scrooge McDuck’s Store.