Basic Spirit Jersey®

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Basic Spirit Jersey®
Basic Spirit Jersey.png
Basic Spirit Jersey m.png
Type: Menu Icon Clothing.png Clothing
Categories: Menu Icon Coats.png Coat
From: Touch of Magic.png Touch of Magic Tool
The in-game name of this item is Basic Spirit Jersey®. The url of this article has been modified for linking clarity.

Basic Spirit Jersey® is a customizable base piece of coat clothing. It can be recolored and decorated with Motifs using the clothing customizer.

It can be equipped using the Wardrobe tab inside the inventory and selecting the 'Customize' option. Multiple designs using the same clothing base can be saved there. This clothing, and the other designs in the Touch of Magic customizer are automatically collected when starting the game and added to the Dreamlight Valley Clothing Sets Collection.

Alternate Colors


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.2: Changed name from Jersey
  • 1.6: Changed name from Basic Jersey