Night Thorn

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Night Thorn
Type: Obstacle
Yield: Depends on Biome
Respawn Location: Anywhere outdoors

Night Thorn is an obstacle that can be cleared to collect materials. Ten will spawn daily in one unlocked Biome in the Valley on paved or unpaved ground. They will persist until the player clears them.

They can be cleared by using the primary interaction button. When cleared, they yield different items, depending on which Biome they spawned in.

Removal Requirements

  • none


Item Quantity
per Drop
Coal Ore All
Dream Shard 1 - 2 All
Memory Shard 1 All
Star Coin icon.png Star Coins 5 - 10 All
Yellow Reward Chest Max 1 per 12 Hours All
Carrot Seed 1 Plaza
1 Peaceful Meadow
Corn Seed 1 Dazzle Beach
Canola Seed 1 Forest of Valor
Okra Seed 1 Glade of Trust
Soya Seed 1 Sunlit Plateau
Asparagus Seed 1 Frosted Heights
Leek Seed 1 Forgotten Lands

Reward List Mechanics

The rewards yielded by Night Thorns essentially pull from a predetermined list of rewards. A specific reward is not tied to any specific Night Thorn; rather, rewards are always given to the player in a reproducible order. The specific type of Seed will vary based on the Biome that the Night Thorn is cleared in. In practice, this means that if you remove a Night Thorn that spawns limited-time glowing red coins to collect (the Critical Hit-esque mini-game) in order to obtain a Yellow Reward Chest and do not collect all of the coins in time (for example, a coin shoots to a hard-to-reach location), you can restart the game if it has not saved, and try again with a Night Thorn that has more clearance around it.

The Critical Hit-esque mini-game has a chance of occurring when removing Night Thorns once every 12 hours.


There are four visual variants of Night Thorn, but they all function the same way.

Image Name Size Can spawn on tile? Can be walked through? Biome Unlock
Night Thorn 1 (round, small) 2x2? 3x3? yes no All
Night Thorn 2 (round, medium) 3x3? 4x4? yes no All
Night Thorn 3 (large, includes a curled thorn) TBA yes no All
Night Thorn 4 (large, flatter) 5x3 no no All

Dreamlight and Memories

Removing night thorns counts towards the rotating Dreamlight Duty "Remove 4 Night Thorns", and the Foraging Dreamlight Achievements "Remove Small Night Thorns" (x20, x230, x750, x1300, x3000). There are 10 Memories consisting of 10 Memory Pieces each that can only be found by removing small Night Thorns.

WALL-E Memory 5.png
Broken Memory Pieces 8.png
Moana Memory 5.png
Broken Memory Pieces 4.png
Beauty and the Beast Memory 4.png
Broken Memory Pieces 3.png
Wreck-It Ralph Memory 1.png
Broken Memory Pieces 7.png
The Lion King Memory 3.png
Broken Memory Pieces 9.png
The Little Mermaid Memory 4.png
Broken Memory Pieces 5.png
Tangled Memory 4.png
Broken Memory Pieces 10.png
Toy Story Memory 2.png
Broken Memory Pieces 6.png
Toy Story Memory 5.png
Broken Memory Pieces 4.png
The Sword in the Stone Memory 2.png
Broken Memory Pieces 4.png