Peaceful Meadow

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Peaceful Meadow
Peaceful Meadow Screenshot.png
Unlock Cost: During quest The Royal Tools
Critter Type: Classic Rabbit.png Rabbits
Connected Biomes: Plaza.png Plaza

Dazzle Beach.png Dazzle Beach
Glade of Trust.png Glade of Trust
Forest of Valor.png Forest of Valor

The Peaceful Meadow is a biome in Dreamlight Valley.

It's the second area players will discover just off the Plaza. It's further connected to the Glade of Trust, Dazzle Beach, and the Forest of Valor.

There's no cost to unlock the meadow, but some large rocks need to be cleared using the Pickaxe. Travelling to this biome is a requirement of the early-game quest The Royal Tools, where the player will need to explore the meadow to find the Fishing Pole.


Quest Prerequisites

This biome is required to unlock the following quest. It won't be available unless it's been unlocked.

Points of Interest

Wishing Well

The Peaceful Meadow Wishing Well is unlocked during the quest Friendship Is Everything. Once unlocked, it provides fast travel teleportation using the map.

Goofy's Stall

Stage Upgrade Cost Seed Unlocks Seed Price
Initial Repair Free Lettuce Seed.png Lettuce Seed Star Coin icon.png 3
Upgrade 1 Star Coin icon.png 800 Wheat Seed.png Wheat Seed Star Coin icon.png 1
Upgrade 2 Star Coin icon.png 1,000 Carrot Seed.png Carrot Seed Star Coin icon.png 10
Rotating Ingredients

WALL-E's Garden

There's a building plot in this biome where a Garden can be unlocked during a friendship quest with WALL-E. The quest is called Village Project: The Garden and requires Friendship 2.png WALL-E Level 2.

Once unlocked, it will provide vegetables periodically at no cost, which can be very helpful for early game cooking and income without needing to plant and grow crops.


Hazard Clear Using Requires
Large Rock Pickaxe Merlin's quest The Royal Tools
Tree Stump Shovel Level 2 Anna's quest An Icy Invitation
Small Mushroom Patch Royal Watering Can Level 2 Merlin's quest A Dark Experiment (Friendship 8.png Merlin Level 8)
Large Mushroom Patch Royal Watering Can Level 3 Merlin's quest The Final Trial (Friendship 10.png Merlin Level 10)


Rabbits are the critter type in this biome. Their favorite food is Carrot.png Carrot, and they also like all vegetables (except Seaweed.png seaweed), grains, and spices, including: Asparagus.png Asparagus, Basil.png Basil, Bell Pepper.png Bell Pepper, Canola.png Canola, Chili Pepper.png Chili Pepper, Corn.png Corn, Cucumber.png Cucumber, Eggplant.png Eggplant, Garlic.png Garlic, Ginger.png Ginger, Leek.png Leek, Lettuce.png Lettuce, Mushroom.png Mushroom, Okra.png Okra, Onion.png Onion, Oregano.png Oregano, Potato.png Potato, Pumpkin.png Pumpkin, Rice.png Rice, Spinach.png Spinach, Soya.png Soya, Sugarcane.png Sugarcane, Tomato.png Tomato, Vanilla.png Vanilla, Wheat.png Wheat, and Zucchini.png Zucchini. To feed them allow them to approach you, and then follow them around. After following them long enough they'll stop to accept food.

Image Name Favorite Food Liked Food Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Black Rabbit.png
Black Rabbit Carrot.png Carrot Asparagus.png Asparagus
Basil.png Basil
Bell Pepper.png Bell Pepper
Canola.png Canola
Chili Pepper.png Chili Pepper
Corn.png Corn
Cucumber.png Cucumber
Eggplant.png Eggplant
Garlic.png Garlic
Ginger.png Ginger
Leek.png Leek
Lettuce.png Lettuce
Mushroom.png Mushroom
Okra.png Okra
Onion.png Onion
Oregano.png Oregano
Potato.png Potato
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin
Rice.png Rice
Spinach.png Spinach
Soya.png Soya
Sugarcane.png Sugarcane
Tomato.png Tomato
Vanilla.png Vanilla
Wheat.png Wheat
Zucchini.png Zucchini
12 AM to 12 PM All day n/a All day n/a All day n/a
Brown Rabbit.png
Brown Rabbit 12 PM to 12 AM n/a All day All day n/a n/a All day
Calico Rabbit.png
Calico Rabbit n/a n/a n/a n/a 8 AM to 2 PM n/a n/a
Classic Rabbit.png
Classic Rabbit 12 PM to 12 AM All day n/a n/a All day n/a All day
White Rabbit.png
White Rabbit 12 AM - 12 PM n/a All day n/a All day All day n/a



Image Name Description Ripples Sell Price Energy
Bass Bass can be found just about everywhere in the Meadow. None Star Coin icon.png 25 Energy.png+150
Bream Silver-hued fish common in mountain streams. Blue Star Coin icon.png 280 Energy.png+1,300
Catfish A large fish with cat-like "whiskers." Gold Star Coin icon.png 550 Energy.png+1,200
Rainbow Trout.png
Rainbow Trout Its unique scales give the fish its name. White Star Coin icon.png 50 Energy.png+300
Red Algae.png
Red Algae This rare creeping algae can be found in bodies of water across Dreamlight Valley. You think it might be able to help improve your Royal Fishing Rod somehow. None Star Coin icon.png 150
Seaweed A type of algae found in the ocean. None Star Coin icon.png 20 Energy.png+25

Limited Time Fishing

Image Name Description Ripples Availability Sell Price Energy
Festive Bass.png
Festive Bass Bass can be festive just about everywhere! Red & Green December 18th - December 31st 2022 Energy.png+150


Image Name Description Sell Price
Softwood A pile of softwood waiting to become something more. Star Coin icon.png 5
Banana A yellow fruit that can be picked from trees. Star Coin icon.png 29
Raspberry A tart berry that you can pick from bushes. Star Coin icon.png 21
Basil An herb that grows wild throughout the Valley. Star Coin icon.png 25


Image Name Description Sell Price
Green Rising Penstemon.png
Green Rising Penstemon Green wildflowers that rise when in bloom. Star Coin icon.png 35
Purple Rising Penstemon.png
Purple Rising Penstemon Purple wildflowers that rise when in bloom. Star Coin icon.png 25
Red Daisy.png
Red Daisy Bright red petals surround a yellow bulb. Star Coin icon.png 48
White Daisy.png
White Daisy A white flower that symbolizes innocence. Star Coin icon.png 25
Yellow Daisy.png
Yellow Daisy Bright yellow petals surround a black bulb. Star Coin icon.png 20


Image Name Description Sell Price
Soil A clump of soil that's perfect for gardening. Star Coin icon.png 3


Image Name Description Sell Price
Stone Some imagination can turn stone into art. Star Coin icon.png 2
Coal Ore.png
Coal Ore Coal is a must to keep any oven running warm. Star Coin icon.png 5
Garnet A red mineral that can be mined. Star Coin icon.png 160
Shiny Garnet.png
Shiny Garnet A rare red mineral that can be mined. Star Coin icon.png 640
Peridot A light-green mineral that can be mined. Star Coin icon.png 200
Shiny Peridot.png
Shiny Peridot A rare light-green mineral that can be mined. Star Coin icon.png 800
Onyx This stone is as dark as night and as precious as it is hard to find. You wonder if it could be used to improve your Royal Pickaxe in some way. Star Coin icon.png 300


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.3: Adjusted ground texture; Removed brown rock on southern overlook [[1]]