Shiny Amethyst

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Shiny Amethyst
Shiny Amethyst.png

A rare purple gem that can be mined.

Type: Menu Icon Gems.png Gem
Placement: 1x1 (Surfaces)
Sells for: Star Coin icon.png 2,000
Found: Frosted Heights
Forgotten Lands
From: Mining

Shiny Amethyst is a gem which can be found when Mining rock nodes using the Pickaxe in the Forgotten Lands and Frosted Heights.

It can not be used as a crafting material substitute in recipes which require Amethyst. Once collected it will be added to the Dreamlight Valley Gems Collection.

Gems can be placed in the world by highlighting them inside the Inventory window and selecting Drop. After removing from inventory they can be positioned using furniture placement mode.

In nodes where this gem can be found there is a chance to find Amethyst, which is a more common and less valuable variant.