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From: Menu Icon Quests.png The Royal Tools

The Pickaxe is a Royal Tool used for Mining. It can mine Rock Spots and remove various obstacles.


The Pickaxe can be obtained from a large stone in the bottom-right of the Plaza during Menu Icon Quests.png The Royal Tools.


Each swing of the Pickaxe uses 40 energy.

Action Energy Cost
Menu Icon Mining.png Mining Energy.png 40


The Pickaxe can be upgraded 4 times, and each upgrade allows it to remove different obstacles.

Upgrade Quest Item Obstacle
1 Menu Icon Quests.png The Great Maui Moana Icon.png None Small Sea Debris
2 Menu Icon Quests.png A Tale of Stone and Fire Friendship 4.pngMaui.png None Large Sea Debris
3 Menu Icon Quests.png Breaking the Ice Elsa.png Warmth of Summer Potion.png Warmth of Summer Potion Ice Blocks
4 Menu Icon Quests.png The Singing Ice Friendship 6.pngElsa.png Cold of Winter Potion.png Cold of Winter Potion Huge Ice Blocks